What Will Weddings Look Like in the Age of Social Distancing?

Some couples held virtual weddings at a time when strict measures were in place to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Others made use of pop-up socially distanced marriage booths.

Now, as restrictions slowly start to lift, couples are permitted to have weddings where social distancing takes place and a limited number of guests can attend. If you want to get married during this time, you are still able to find ways of making your wedding memorable.

Brides are re-evaluating their priorities and in doing so, finding the aspects they may have seen as non-negotiable before now seem unimportant. Some quintessential elements may have to be re-imagined but the true meaning of marriage is still a cause to celebrate.

Smaller Guest Lists – Spending Quality Time with Fewer Guests

With smaller guest lists, couples will be able to focus more attention on their guests and tailor the event accordingly. Narrowing down a guest list isn’t easy but, in these times, people are likely to be more understanding and expect only family members and very close friends to attend.

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Many young people today don’t want the pressure of having to host a perfect wedding for hundreds of people anyway. They would rather take control over what is meaningful and right for them.

With a smaller guest list, couples have more money to spend on things like special entertainment, gourmet eats or a top-shelf bar. What couples can’t have in terms of size, they can make up for in style.

Different Venues – Outdoor Venues are Popular

Venues don’t want to put people at unnecessary risk and are putting measures in place to keep everyone safe. Most of them have reduced their maximum capacity to accommodate social distancing measures.

Outdoor weddings are likely to become more popular as guests can spread out more easily. Outdoor spaces also allow for more flexibility when it comes to seating arrangements that comply with the current guidelines. Some resorts have already seen an increased interest in beach weddings.

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Janie Clarke works as a freelancer for essay writing services. She got married a couple of months back and has some cool ideas to share. She says many venues post 360-degree walkthroughs or video venue tours, so couples can find the most suitable venue during these uncertain times without leaving home.

They are also probably more than willing to work with couples to make any adjustments necessary, such as adding a marquee extension or having a more outdoor focus.

Safety Measures – Comply for the Safety of Guests

Couples having weddings at this time will need to implement safety measures, such as masks, thermometer scans and handwashing stations to make sure that guests feel safe to attend.

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It is important to let them know ahead of time on the wedding invitation and wedding website what precautions are being taken. Couples could buy the wedding party matching face masks and provide masks for guests.

Seating Arrangements – No Long Banquet Tables

Social distancing guidelines require tables to be placed six feet apart and no more than ten guests to be seated together. Venues and wedding planners are using digital tools to re-imagine seating arrangements and long banquet tables are being replaced with square or round tables.

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One popular idea is to spread the festivities across a number of spaces within one venue. A venue with multiple areas like a garden, lobby or terrace enables small groups to gather in each location instead of a single ballroom.

Re-imagining Food Presentation – Elegant Plated Meals Will Be Popular

Wedding buffets are a favourite and in recent years, hors d’oeuvres, family-style catering and dessert tables have been popular. These trends could be replaced by elegant plated meals.

A couple doesn’t have to sacrifice an ideal menu but simply has to be thoughtful about how food is contained and passed on. The presentation itself can limit contact and sharing.

Couples with their hearts set on food stations can have a server dishing out portions or have portions already plated. Caterers could be asked to serve a plated meal that includes an appetizer and a dessert.

Dancing – Consider Satellite Dance Floors

Wedding planners are convinced that dancing and entertainment aren’t going anywhere but will just look a little different. Even if people have to dance in their chairs, the music will still play.

With an evening celebration, the concept of satellite dance floors or bars allows guests more than one space to dance or refill a drink. This could help with taking the necessary health precautions and offer guests different entertainment experiences throughout the evening.

Virtual Streaming – Everyone is Used to it Now

Weddings will be streamed so that those who are unable to attend in person can still experience them virtually. For example, grandparents and other elderly relatives who are at higher risk may feel safer staying at home and attending virtually.

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During this time of social distancing, many people have been using video chat apps such as FaceTime, Zoom and Google Hangout to stay connected and so they are quite used to this option.

Wedding Photos – Capturing Meaningful Moments

Couple portraits won’t be affected by social distancing but more creativity will be needed when it comes to wedding party poses. Some ideas are to use a staggered configuration or go for a stroll.

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Even if a wedding day looks rather different from what was imagined, a good photographer will still be able to capture all those special emotions and beautiful moments.

A Final Word

Weddings are social events and during social distancing, some parts won’t be able to go ahead as usual. Those who wanted to have a large party with dancing can have a mini-wedding now and a larger one later. Some couples are perfectly happy to just have a more intimate, smaller event.

Guests will probably be delighted to spend time together and celebrating love in uncertain times can be very special. The current pandemic could forever change the wedding culture as we know it. Those who get married at this time could look back and feel that it was a very meaningful time in which to take their vows.

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