What to Wear to a Bachelorette Weekend

Is there anything more fun than a killer bachelorette weekend with the girls? This is a perfect chance to celebrate the bride, relax from all the stress of wedding planning and seal your friendship in a most fabulous way. And bachelorette parties usually involve plenty of fun activities that deserve a fun outfit. So what do you wear to a bachelorette weekend?

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Here are a few tips to follow no matter the type of party you’re planning:

You can match, but not too much

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Every bridal party contains a bunch of different personalities, all strong and unique in their own way. Therefore, it’s not very smart to limit the girls from expressing themselves by ordering completely matching outfits. If you choose matching shirts or dresses, your photos might look cute, but it doesn’t mean everyone will be satisfied with the outfit. To show that you all belong to one party, you can ditch overly-matchy outfits and instead, tie everything together with accessories. Settle on one matching item like a headband, badge or tote bag, and let the girls choose their outfits according to their personalities.

Choose a Classier Option

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There’s no shaming among girls and everyone can wear whatever they want. If you’re planning a wild Vegas bachelorette weekend, of course, you’re going to want to wear something sexy like a party dress and heels. But remember, you don’t have to opt for the most revealing thing you have in your closet. Why? Well, you don’t want to outshine the bride and take all the attention from her. Plus, a bachelorette party is a wedding-related event, meaning many people would want to see the pictures, including the bride’s family and colleagues. Therefore, it’s smart to dress a bit more to the classy side.

Dress for the Activities

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When preparing for the upcoming bachelorette weekend, check with the organizer and ask for a list of activities and destinations. For instance, if you’re planning a wine tasting event, you might look and feel more pleasant in a nap dress than a party dress. Similarly, if there’s Zen mountain yoga involved, a set of women’s activewear is a great idea. Tights are great for both fitness activities as well as some relaxation with the girls because they are comfy, durable yet still stylish. Even if the bride wants everything to be a surprise, the host might want to inform you about the dress code so you know how to prepare for the activities.

Be Comfy

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Here’s another reason why matching outfits are not a fool-proof idea: some of your guests might have certain limitations that prevent them from wearing bridesmaids’ uniforms. For instance, not everyone is the same size, not everyone has the same abilities and definitely not everyone feels comfortable and confident in the same clothing. It’s best to aim for comfort because when you’re comfortable in what you’re wearing, you can relax, have fun and enjoy the weekend to the fullest, which is the ultimate goal of the bachelorette party weekend.

No White

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Any wedding event should have this rule: only the bride wears white. This applies to the bachelorette events as well. If the bride is choosing to wear white, other party members might choose something else, unless the bride specifically requests you all wear white. The rest of the outfit can be completely up to you and in accordance with the bachelorette party theme. Guests shouldn’t stand out in any special way so as not to overshadow the lady of the weekend and draw all the attention in photos.

Wild, free and fun is the key, with tones of being respectable and classy. The main rule of any bachelorette weekend is to pack plenty of good party mood and try to make the bride as happy as possible. If you manage to do that, you can wear practically whatever you feel the most comfortable and sexiest in.