What to Prepare For Your Backyard Wedding

The cost of weddings has continued to rise in recent years and the average wedding in Australia now comes in at a cost of $36,000. Because of this, we are seeing more and more couples looking at different ways in which they can get married, which will help them to reduce the cost of the wedding. One such method people are looking at is a backyard wedding, held in the garden of the couple’s home or of a friend’s property. If you are planning a backyard wedding then these are the areas which you need to prepare well.



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Outdoor lighting is something which you are going to have to look into and even if there is lighting outside at the moment, it is unlikely to be enough too provide the level of illumination which you will need. The wedding party, even if it begins in the mid-morning, is likely to go into the evening, and some well thought out lights are also going to add some real style to the outdoor design.


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 There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to catering for weddings and this will, of course, be down to you and your partner to choose what food to provide. When it comes to an outdoor wedding you may wish to switch this up a little and play on the outdoor theme with your food choice. An upscale picnic, for example, could be a great idea to really get that al-fresco feel to your big day.

 Dance Floor

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Whilst people can, of course, have a little boogie on the grass, for the sake of the lawn and to minimize the risk of people hurting themselves, especially those with heels, the best bet here is to install a simple dancefloor. The key to this is making sure that each part of the dance floor is interlocked with each other, and that the floor is large enough so that everyone can fit on there when they want to dance.

 Fixing The Lawn

 You need everything to look great on the big day and that includes the lawn, and this is why preparation is key. Short of installing a brand new lawn, you are going to need to be looking to improve the lawn a good 4 months before the big day. Look at fixing patches which have developed in the lawn and use some strong weedkiller and feed in order to give it that lush green look which will befit your wedding.


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Something else you’ll have to prepare for is power, and you are going to need a generator in order to ensure that the party is able to keep going throughout the day. You could run the power from the house but it just makes life easier when the power source is outside, it is also going to be far more cost-effective to do things in this way.

Get these bits right and you are bound to have an incredible day.