What To Bring During Housewarming Parties for Newlyweds

Buying gifts can be tough at the best of times but arguably one of the toughest challenges is the house warming present for newlyweds. The reason why this isn’t a very easy gift to buy is that most newlyweds will have received an abundance of gifts for their wedding, and probably some vouchers too which they will be able to use in department stores in order to get the stuff for their home that they want. This means that when you get invited to a housewarming party for newlyweds, you are going to have to ensure that you bring your gift buying A-game.

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To help make sure that you are able to get the right gift for this tricky situation, here are some top housewarming gift ideas which may help you out.


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The challenge of this particular gift is to get something that they won’t necessarily buy for themselves, which is why housewarming hampers make for such a wonderful gift. You can personalize this gift for your friends and pack up a sleek looking basket which is filled with great gifts that will help them to start their new life together. This can feature couple things, house things and gifts which are individual to both partners. A gift like this shows that you have really put some thought into what you have bought.


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Most newlyweds are going to be pretty broke by the time that they have paid for the wedding and then having the house costs on top of that. It is for this reason that a great gift idea is to splash out on something simple so that they can have a touch of class in the home. For example, most couples are going to buy basic glasses in order to keep costs down, you could buy some high-quality champagne flutes or a pair of pricy whisky glasses, something which they would never buy for themselves at this stage of their lives together. This could be the same for towels, bedding or items in the kitchen like chopping boards and knives.

Photograph or Painting

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This home will always hold special memories for the newlyweds, their first-ever home of their own. You can make this even more memorable by getting a professional photograph or painting of the property, which will ensure that the couple will never forget this special moment in their lives. Make sure that if you take this option, that you get a really beautiful frame for the image, ready to put straight on the wall if the newlyweds so wish.

Recipe Book

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Most newlyweds aren’t all that sure of their way around the kitchen so a great idea could be a recipe book and holder which they can use to help them make some delicious food in their new kitchen. Instead of getting any old book, make it personalized to them, there are many simple cookbooks which specialize in one-pot meals or simple ‘one pan, two plates’ style cooking. These specialized books are ideal for the new couple and they are going to love creating exciting meals in their kitchen for each other.

Faux Fur Throw

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A throw is one of those things that you don’t know you need it until you have it, and then you can’t do without it. Throws can be used all over the home from snuggling up on the sofa to adding some heat in the bedroom, very useful and you can never have enough throws!

Give these ideas a try to make buying this gift that little bit easier.