What the Groom should do in the build-up to their Wedding Day

A wedding day can be both exciting and nervous. Being excited about the future you’re about to start but also hoping everything goes just as planned. As the big day starts to approach you want to get all the details in order and attempt to relax so you aren’t stressing out on your wedding day. You may also want to check things off your bucket list before you become a married man. To make sure you are happy, healthy, and relaxed here is a list of things all men should do building up to their wedding day.

1.   Visit friends and family

The pre-wedding nerves can be relieved by having a great time with friends and family. Spending time with your cousins or your old college friends can be a great way to get a good change and boost adrenaline and happiness. Doing this may also bring back some nostalgic memories of your younger years hanging out and doing adventurous things. Taking 3 or 4 days of being adventurous and spending relaxing time with others is good medicine. Your family and friends will also appreciate seeing you before your big day as well.

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Heading out to the family’s holiday house or a nice town that you haven’t visited in a long time with family or friends will be calming. You may not have the opportunity for this often after beginning your married life and possibly starting a family. This time should be for you to create or relive your best memories with your favourite people.

2.   Spend a night with your best mates

Getting together and having an afternoon or night out together with your best mates is something that must be done before your wedding day! This will allow you guys to relive your best memories together and catch up on each other’s lives. Whether you decide to go out or host a little party at home this will make it feel just like old times. If you are thinking of organizing a party, a professional company will make the process so much easier and much less stressful.

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Spending quality time with your closest friends before your big day will make sure that your friendship has been rekindled and may even remind everyone of how special you are to each other. It will release emotions within everyone and make the ceremony itself even more special and emotional between you all. There is no doubt that this night will bring you closer together and rekindle meaningful relationships.

3.   Travel alone

Spending time alone, reflecting, and disconnecting will make you feel rejuvenated and refreshed when you get back before your wedding day. You can spend 1 day or 2 completely disconnected – no phone or social media. This will give your brain time to relax and reload after stressful times of planning the wedding and thinking about the future.

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By relaxing and focusing on your own needs, having a good day, you will realize how much joy small things can bring you. This will remind you how important gratitude and positivity is in everyday life and how it can improve your mindset. You can also spend this time relaxing and becoming excited about all the adventurous and amazing things you and your partner will be achieving together as lifelong partners. This refresher will make you look stunning, happy, healthy, and glowing on your wedding day.  It will also be a good start to a happy marriage.

4.   Prepare a Wedding Gift

If you haven’t already you should begin to think about something special to get for your fiance to be on your wedding day. This gift will be something you both remember throughout your married life and the experience of choosing the gift itself will be a meaningful memory to yourself. Does the gift need to be wrapped a certain way? Does it need to be delivered anywhere for your partner to receive it?

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If you don’t have enough time to purchase or prepare a gift, don’t make the mistake of thinking the gift has to be expensive. As long as it is something that is meaningful and personalised – whether it is your partner’s favourite wine or a photo of you two beautifully framed.

5.   Eat healthily, sleep lots and do things you enjoy

When you are getting married there is a lot to celebrate. Party hard but make sure you are taking better care of yourself as you get closer to your wedding day. You don’t want to say your vows while you’re hungover. Make sure you are well-rested a couple of weeks before your wedding day.

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Having horrible indigestion on your wedding day may not be the best experience so taking good care of yourself and being mindful of your food is just as important as drinking. Find time during the day to do little things you enjoy, spending time with the dog, going outside, or watching a film with your spouse. The weeks leading up to your big day should be a time where you prioritize your relationship and yourself.