What is the Difference Between Standard Makeup and Professional Bridal Makeup?

If you are spending hours flicking through images of perfectly styled brides, you are probably wondering how to achieve that flawless makeup look… While standard makeup can be more dramatic and yet cost-effective, a professional bridal makeover is actually very subtle but more expensive. What is the secret? The products are designed to provide more pigmentation, last longer and look great on photos. But do you really need it?

The major difference in the prices of standard and professional bridal makeup is so overwhelming that most brides think twice before making a decision. Is it really worth investing in professional bridal makeup? Or can you just go for a standard look? The key differences include the intensity of shades, product ingredients and methods of application. Even though you can achieve the same look using both approaches, there are still important dissimilarities that are perhaps not visible at first glance.

The Colour Palette

Bridal makeup is usually very different from classic makeup. Firstly, trends are not very popular as brides usually want to achieve a more traditional look. Subtle colours will complement the traditional white gown while bold shades may spoil the whole ‘blushing bride’ effect. The palette normally includes calm, natural hues. The ideal lipstick? Soft berry hues and nude shades are more appropriate than vibrant reds, oranges and purples because they resemble the natural lip colour.

Bronzers and blushes should also be light and natural-looking, eyeliner should be discreet and highlighter should never be used excessively because the skin may look too shiny. Eyeshadow palettes are not dramatic either including sophisticated earthy and pink tones rather than whimsical pastel or jewel hues or very dark black, brown, navy or plum shades. The style and colours should be chosen to look good in photos and videos as well as in real life. This means refraining from avant-garde and catwalk makeup styles but also opting for shades that are there only to enhance natural features and give you some contour and definition.

The Quality of Products

Professional bridal makeup uses different ingredients as it has to be more durable. Lipsticks, lip glosses, eyeshadows and eyebrow products are usually more pigmented which is why colours look so vivid on photos. The quality has to be better because brides need makeup that lasts all day. Standard makeup products normally look fresh for a couple of hours and then you need to top-up. However, they are not very practical for special occasions such as weddings. Remember that you will be photographed throughout the day and that your face has to be camera-ready from the moment you enter your wedding car to the moment you wave everyone goodbye. Nevertheless, some standard makeup products are just as equally durable and well-pigmented. A professional makeup stylist knows which items to use to achieve that immaculate bridal look. It can be a combination of standard and professional makeup.

The Technique

The technique used to apply makeup is equally important. There are many tricks professional artists use to achieve a flawless bridal look. For example, a makeup stylist who specialises in bridal makeup will know how to make your eyes look wider, tame unruly eyebrows or expertly cover up any problematic area. Moreover, the angle of the brush and blending method can really make or break the whole look. They also know how to prep the skin properly and set the makeup at the end. The idea is to create a simple fresh-faced and photographable look that lasts for up to 12 hours or longer. This requires a whole set of professional techniques and not just top-notch makeup products. 

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