What is a Baby Naming Ceremony?

Baby Naming ceremony is usually held to celebrate the arrival and naming of a new baby.  Mostly they are held at the same time as a 1st Birthday Party.

A Celebrant performs a non-religious Ceremony where the child is welcomed into the family and the wider community.  The parents make promises, grandparents may also be involved and good friends or family members nominated as ‘Life Guardians’.

Many couples choose to use the services of the Celebrant that married them to carry out this special occasion.

These sort of celebrations have been around in different cultures for centuries.  There are no legalities involved with Baby Naming ceremony, they are more just a recognition of the gift of life and love and the miracle of birth.

These special events are being celebrated more and more as a party rather than just a Ceremony, although many rituals are still performed.  Sand Ceremonies, the lighting of candleswish books and trees, balloon releases, rose petal blessing, fairy dust blessing or the writing of a poem about the child.

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Source: http://www.coronetpublications.net/

Source: http://www.coronetpublications.net/

And of course a cake!

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In memory of the special day – Baby Naming Ceremony Guestbook

wish book2


Twinkle Twinkle little star I wonder who you are..Baby Naming Ceremony Invites

Candy Buffets are a fun way to give the day a theme



Custom Metal Keychains – Customized designs with the baby’s name as the idea, or you can add a parent’s design motif. Parents can also add the baby’s birthday, the zodiac and the baby’s cartoon avatar.

Cute little décor baby naming day ideas and how you can incorporate your child’s name into the theming.

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Wishing Tree.. words of wisdom as they grow up

Source: https://debschergercelebrant.wordpress.com

A naming frame – Frame your child’s name and perhaps the meaning so guest can view at the ceremony day.

Candle Naming Day Ceremony – The parents/guardians light the candle/s to symbolise their wishes for the child and promise that on each birthday when they light the candle on the cake they will remember what a miracle the child is.

Source: http://www.circleoflifeceremoniesuk.com/

Create a painting with your baby – Unity Candle Alternative – create a painting during your ceremony in place of a traditional unity candle. Loving this!

Memorable photos of the child’s first couple months on earth

Pink Lace


A Wishing Box – Guests can write their special wishes for the child on a nice little card, for the child to read when they grow up.



Time capsule/ treasure box – The time capsule is a great idea and can be of significant value to a child who gets to open it at their 18th or 21st. You can invite guests to bring an item to place inside, that symbols something they wish for the child. Items can symbolize peace and hope; or pebbles from someone’s favourite beach ‘that the child may always have a special place to go and think’; Celtic symbols such as a horseshoe for good luck; cufflinks that he may be a gentleman; a joke book – that she/he may always keep her/his sense of humour; a pressed leaf that they may appreciate nature.

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Don’t forget the lolly bags! A sweet little gesture to thank you to the guest for being a part of their child’s special baby naming day.



Circle of Love can help with putting together a very special Naming Day Ceremony that can also include a Birthday Party for your special little person ~ we love helping you enjoy life’s highlights.

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