Wedding Trends to Keep and Ditch in 2021

Even if you’ve dreamed about your wedding for years, planning every detail might require a bit of inspiration. The latest trends could introduce new ideas that would make your wedding more memorable, but not if they’ll become outdated when your big day arrives. These are the wedding trends to keep and ditch in 2021 so you can celebrate in style without worrying about anything fading in popularity.

1. Keep: Affordable Weekday Ceremonies

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Many brides want a Saturday wedding because it’s easier for everyone to attend. No one has to take time off to attend the ceremony or the post-wedding brunch the next day. Most venues charge increased fees for weekend weddings, so weekday ceremonies will remain popular throughout the year.

Getting married on a weekday decreases your rental fees and makes it easier to find a dream venue that’s available on your date. It’s a significant perk for brides on a budget and anyone who doesn’t want to wait a year or longer for a weekend date at their dream venue.

2. Ditch: Custom Paper Invitations

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Paper invitations are a wedding tradition that can consume a significant portion of your budget. After purchasing the invitations, you’ll also have to pay for the postage to mail them. Instead of sticking with this old trend, modern brides send digital invitations by email or social media messages. You’ll get instant responses from many guests and they won’t worry about losing the information because it’s safe in their inbox.

3. Keep: Shabby Chic Wedding Tones

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Your wedding colour scheme makes decor and clothing choices much easier to navigate. Many brides have fallen in love with the shabby chic wedding theme because the colours are gorgeously simple. After deciding on a dressy or laid-back theme, pick soft pastel shades that have a dreamy quality. Creams and rosy tones in your flowers and decor will make your wedding a spectacular event that looks incredible in person and in photos.

4. Ditch: Costly Florists

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Brides spend an average of $804 on wedding flower arrangements like bouquets and centrepieces. That cost only rises if you also want things like a floral arch for your altar or reception decorations. Save the money for something else by getting faux flowers instead. You can create arrangements and bouquets weeks or months in advance and take advantage of seasonal discounts. Plus, you can use them as home decor after your ceremony.

5. Keep: Sustainable Wedding Features

Going green is more popular than ever, so it’s a 2021 wedding trend that will likely stick around long after the year ends. Look into sustainable features like plant-based meals, recyclable supplies and carpool transportation arrangements for your guests. Your ceremony and reception will have a minimal carbon footprint without compromising any of your wedding dreams.

Discover Wedding Trends for 2021

These are the top wedding trends to keep and ditch in 2021, so use them to make your wedding planning easier. You won’t have to worry about having an outdated ceremony because you’ve read about which trends are timeless and which have already lost steam.