Wedding Trends for 2021

Without question, the wedding trends for 2021 are going to be influenced by the Coronavirus lockdown of 2020.

Expect 2021 to be a bumper year for weddings, thanks to postponed dates from this year.  So now is the time to check out some of the wedding trends for 2021.

Week Day Weddings

With the number of postponed weddings building up, it is more likely that couples will have to have a weekday wedding.  There are only so many weekends in the year, so with the spill from 2020 weddings into 2021 and those already planning to marry in 2021 will see venues and suppliers stretched.

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Use Lots of Greenery

Brides used to cover their wedding venue in flowers. It’s why florists have so many different options to choose from for centrepieces, bouquets, garlands and hanging arrangements. On the other hand, flowers are one of the most significant wedding expenses, which has many modern brides looking for budget-friendly alternatives.

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Many people choose to use lots of greenery for decor instead of floral arrangements. You can buy or rent faux garlands and leafy stems for discount prices online or in stores. Some brides also run down to the nearest farmer’s market for affordable greenery and plants on the day of.

Don’t Go Too Big

Brides are under pressure to host a big wedding with everyone who has ever been a friend. That commitment requires a considerable budget, but don’t worry. Today’s wedding planners now want to host micro weddings and ceremonies for a more intimate vibe. They’re perfect if you want a celebration with minimalist decor or if you have a small venue in mind. You’ll get to spend more money per guest and not worry about last-minute arrivals or additions.

Specialize Your Menu

Your guests want to celebrate you and your fiancé during your ceremony, but they’re all looking forward to the reception too. It’s easier today for people to talk about their dietary restrictions, which is why brides strive to specialize their reception menus.


Think of what you want to serve as your main course and accommodate common food allergies so that everyone can eat something delicious. Ask about allergies on your RSVP card and discuss the responses with your caterer before printing menus. You can offer several choices for food and drinks like beach-inspired cocktails or fun-spirited mocktails or offer spicy hors d’oeuvres or less fiery finger foods. Indicate which options are best for vegetarians and vegans and point out food that has nuts and milk in it. Every little effort will make your guests more comfortable and help them have a great time.

Provide Guest Transportation

Many wedding guests fly in from out of town. They’ll need a place to stay and a way to get around. Instead of leaving guests on their own, provide easy transportation options like hiring a charter bus. The driver will escort everyone to the venue and reception so that you don’t get confused calls from panicked revellers.


If you want to have a destination wedding, transportation is even more vital to consider. Hiring a driver to get everyone where they need to go makes the day easier for everyone.

Pick Special Lighting

Your venue will have adequate lighting for regular events, but it probably won’t help set the mood for your wedding.

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Brides now pick special lighting to make the room look more festive. Candles, whether they have open flames or batteries, create a warm atmosphere. Look into string lights, lanterns and Edison bulbs to try out out some of the most popular lighting trends.

Think About Your 2021 Wedding Style

The best way to know which 2021 wedding trends are right for your ceremony is to think about your style. What do you like, and what kind of interior designs do you prefer? Use your personal taste to guide your wedding choices and plan the ultimate ceremony.