Wedding Tasks You Can Do From Home

Staying at home, and wearing a mask if you must go out, is the most effective thing we can do right now to help lessen the spread of the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 that has caused the COVID-19 pandemic, resulting in severe restrictions in some areas. But that doesn’t mean you have to give up planning your wedding. We’ve discovered ways you can continue the wedding tasks you began before the virus struck, and even if you’re just beginning, there are things you can do to continue the process from home.

Yes, the Australian and no doubt the world wedding industry has been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. Sadly, some vendors have given up their businesses, and venues have shut their doors. This has left couples either cancelling their weddings or struggling to sort out another date for when the pandemic is over or a vaccine is found. It’s easy to feel powerless and out of control, but there are things you can do to keep your spirits up and be ready for when the restrictions end and you can have your magical day.

If COVID-19 is Wrecking Your Wedding Plans, Reschedule

Planning a wedding in ordinary times can be stressful, so why not hire a wedding planner such as Circle of Love Weddings? If you’d rather do it yourself, be aware that during COVID-19 you might not be able to have the kind of make-up trials, hen’s party or buck’s night you both wanted. So why not reschedule, change the venue to your house and invite a few important people around, depending on the restrictions in your area, for these pre-wedding events?

Talk to Your Vendors and Venue ASAP

The first thing you ought to do is call your vendors and others involved for a serious discussion about the possible impact COViD-19 might have on your wedding. A wedding planner can do this job for you and help you to reschedule if necessary. Rescheduling may depend on what restrictions the vendors such as caterers and photographers, the band etc., or venue is dealing with. If you’re locked into contracts and they won’t budge, you need a wedding planner on your side. In any case, check your postponing or cancelling options on your wedding contract before you call so that you know where you stand on any refundable or non-refundable fees or deposits.

Reconsider All the Wedding Attire

You probably can’t go and try on wedding dresses, choose bridesmaids attire or tuxedos in shops if your area is in lockdown, but don’t despair. You can search online for inspiration. Try Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, or just use your search engine for wedding websites to find the styles and colours you want. Don’t forget shoes and accessories, the flowers and other decorations. Ordering shoes online early means you have time for them to be shipped, tried on and returned if they don’t suit. You can also shop for the entire wedding party’s attire online if it comes to that.

Organise Your Wedding Registry

If you haven’t organised your wedding registry, or if you have you might need to reconsider what things are really important to you. You can do this from home. What new electronic gadgets have you been thinking about adding to your registry? You could add one large gift to which everyone can contribute, or make up a combination of presents you’d like. You could add homewares, cash for the honeymoon or donations to your favourite charity as a wedding gift.


Keep Touching Base With Your Wedding Planner

If you’ve decided to use a wedding planner, make sure you stay in touch by phone or video chat for help if you need it, especially if you feel that you’re getting nowhere with your planning. Your wedding planner can keep you on track and bring you up to date on important advice or information. If you need some positive reassurance or relief, talk to your wedding planner.

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