Wedding Quiz

Which Wedding Style Suits Your Personality?

We designed this Quiz not as a definite decider or be-all and end-all, but rather a resource that puts the fun back in pre-wedding planning – because that’s what it can, and should be.

This may also be useful if you feel a little overwhelmed by choices or seek some help with planning and decision-making.

All you need to do is grab a pen and some paper, or open notes on your device to jot down whether you answer a), b), c) or d) for each question.


1. What is the ideal date night for you and your partner?

a) A twilight picnic and stroll near the beach

b) Ordering takeaway and watching a movie

c) Going out for delicious cocktails and a gourmet meal

d) Cuddled up watching the stars


2. What colour palette most appeals to you?

a) Soft neutrals

b) Nautical hues like white, blue and turquoise

c) Earthy tones

d) Monochromatic or accents of silver or gold


3. The most important thing for your Wedding is:

a) The food – it needs to be AH-MAZING

b) The atmosphere – everyone feeling relaxed and enjoying themselves

c) Entertainment that creates a party like a reception where guests can dance all night long

d) Special touches and a WOW factor – a crystal chandelier, ice sculpture, smoke machine, photo booth or similar!


4. Would you rather:

a) Create your own DIY setup, such as an outdoor ceremony

b) Collaborate with a Wedding Stylist who helps you find the perfect location, organises permits and helps with suppliers, styling and design details

c) Work with someone who is there from start to finish (including on your big day) with a weather backup plan to help ensure things run smoothly and look incredible

d) Have a little bit of help from a professional company, but handle some setup yourself


5. Which of these is the closest to your dream venue:

a) A ceremony on the beach or near the water

b) A beautiful garden wedding

c) A rustic farmhouse or vineyard

d) An indoor modern city affair


6. Of the below where would you prefer to honeymoon?

a) Paris

b) New Zealand

c) Bali or Thailand

d) Somewhere in Australia


7. What is your ideal music setup?

a) Pre-recorded music

b) An acoustic soloist or duo who will deliver sweet harmonies and melodies through soulful vocals and guitar strings.

c) A live trio or big band with vocalists, drums, keys and guitar singing the best of pop hits, retro wedding classics, R&B, soulful jazz, rock or a little mix of all the good stuff!

d) A wedding DJ playing all your favourites and creating a party on the dancefloor


8. Pick your “WOW” factor:

a) A DIY station such as a dessert bar, drink garnish, make your own floral keepsake or photo station

b) Showstopping bongo drums, trumpet or saxophonist with sax appeal, creating electric energy and delighting your guests

c) A stunning gazebo for your photographs and “I do’s”

d) A water feature – tranquil lake, beautiful pond or gorgeous fountain

Okay, time to tally those scores. Pick the number of points based on what you answered for each question and add them all up to find your total. Then match it to the wedding style below.

Question 1:     a = 1,               b = 3,              c = 2,               d = 3

Question 2:     a = 2,               b = 3,              c = 2,               d = 4

Question 3:     a = 4,              b = 2,              c = 2,               d = 4

Question 4:     a = 2,               b = 4,              c = 3,               d = 2

Question 5:     a = 3,               b = 2,              c = 2,               d = 4

Question 6:     a = 4,               b = 2,              c = 2,               d = 1

Question 7:     a = 1,               b = 2,              c = 4,               d = 3

Question 8:     a = 1,               b = 4,              c = 2,               d = 3


10 or less, you would love a: A MINIMALIST, EFFORTLESS AFFAIR

The most important thing to you is having a beautiful and memorable day with your nearest and dearest and sometimes less really is more. This gives you lots of opportunities to create personal and customised touches. Looking for #weddinginspo for a DIY setup? The Circle of Love wedding planning and event team can help bring your vision to life and create a fuss-free solution that leaves you with your perfect day.

11-15, you would love an: OUTDOOR OASIS WEDDING

You love the great outdoors and exploring nature. Being outside for your wedding doesn’t have to mean basic – you can definitely have your cake AND eat it too! A casual garden affair, rustic farm, beautiful vineyard or generous acreage and manicured lawns are all possibilities we can make a reality for you. Picture a timber altar adorned in foliage, stunning outdoor lighting and a two or three-piece band in the corner for a day (and night) to remember.

16-20, you would love a: COASTAL CHIC WEDDING

Does the warmth of the sun, crisp coastal air and the picturesque view of water sound like a match made in wedding heaven to you? Relaxed, laid back and chic can be effortlessly blended together to create a coastal vibe like no other. Imagine pearl or oyster place cards, subtle ocean and beach chic features, and a soulful acoustic duo singing soft harmonies – a beach backdrop will not disappoint.

20 or above, you would love an: URBAN BLISS WEDDING

You love a touch of luxury and indulgence (who doesn’t?!), and when it comes to your wedding, this special day deserves the best! From modern conveniences and contemporary touches to classic, chic accents, your big day will be meticulously planned to perfection. Your guests will leave with memories that last a lifetime, and an experience they can’t forget, (for all the right reasons) 


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