Wedding Planning for the Groom

Traditionally the Bride takes on the major tasks when it comes to Wedding Planning.

Here are 10 that she can pass onto her Groom to take care of.

1. Rings

Although you may choose your rings together, it is the Groom’s responsibility to have them on the day.  He may choose to delegate the holding of the rings to his Best Man but it is something he should proudly be in charge of.

2. Guest List

Deciding who to invite to share your special day is the crux of where you start to set your budget.  As about half of the guests will be his, it is crucial the Groom is involved in this process.

3. Cars

This is a way you can put your stamp on the day.  Hiring a couple of convertible Ferraris for you and your groomsmen to arrive in and maybe something a bit more classic for the married couple to depart in.

4. Suits

Your Bride may have some ideas on what colour you should add to your and your boys’ outfits to match the Bridesmaids and her theme but try and take charge of what you wear.  Don’t fall into having to wear a three-piece suit if you are getting married on the Beach…keep it relaxed and comfortable and suited to your day and not tradition.

5. Menu

This is a task most Grooms love to get involved with…food sets the tone for your Reception and is one of the most enjoyable parts to decide.  Whether choosing a sitdown, backyard, cocktail or food truck, go to the menu and cake tastings and have an opinion.

6. Alcohol

This is a no brainer…have the standard Champagne’s, Wines and Beers but put your favourite drinks into, perhaps, a Signature Cocktail or include Boutique Beers and let your creativity show.  A light up or rustic looking bar can also add to the look and feel of the Reception.

7. Music

Choosing music that is special to both of you for both the Ceremony and the main parts of the Reception is important.  But also choose your favourite music for the DJ or Band to play.

8. Writing vows

There are many websites and books that have your standard vows, even your Celebrant can give you some ideas.  But writing personal, from the heart words will mean the world to both of you.

9. Gift for the Bride

Get sentimental, send her some flowers or arrange for one of her girls to pass on a little gift from you with some lovely words while she is getting ready.  Tell her how you are looking forward to marrying her and how much you love her ~ she will melt.

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10. Honeymoon

Although not strictly part of the Wedding, this is a lovely way to say thanks to your Bride for doing most of the planning.  Try and keep the destination a secret, but remember to give her enough clues so she is not caught at a ski lodge with her bikini.