Wedding Photography Ideas That Will Bring Tears to Your Eyes

There is nothing more important than having pictures of your wedding day to look back on whenever you want. Therefore, having a good photographer is an essential element in planning a wedding. But if you don’t want to take the boring traditional way when it comes to photos, here are some of the best tear-jerking ideas that you can take inspiration from.

The Epic Cake Shot

One of the most special memories on your wedding day is cutting the cake, so why not have fun with it and create amazing memories. Even though you should still have the normal solo shot of the cake, have some fun and do some cute or even silly poses before you cut it, pose while cutting the cake and then have some fun while feeding the cake to each other.

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Small Details that You Might Forget About

When you are looking back on your big day, you probably won’t be able to remember all the small details of the wedding, even though you put so much work and thought into them. So, what better to make your photos bring tears to your eyes than being able to see all the small details. Make sure that the photographer is capturing little details that will jog your memory and bring back all the cute memories from the wedding.

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Romantic Scenic Photos

There is nothing that is going to make your heart warm than having super romantic photos to look back on. Instead of just having plain pictures, make sure that you spice it up and take some super romantic ones under the sunset or fireworks. Luckily for those Australian brides, there are so many amazing romantic venues that you can have your wedding to capture that amazing sunset. If those are not options that are available then think about getting creative with lighting and making the pictures aesthetic and romantic.

Close-Up Couple Shot

One of the best things that will help you remember all the love that you felt on your big day are close-up shots of you two. That will make you remember the story when you see both of you looking at each other lovingly. Those are shots that you will remember for a lifetime and they will bring up tears every time you glance at them.

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A Unique Vehicle to Ride in and Take Photos With

Another great idea to have some fun with your pictures but also make them special and super memorable is hiring a unique wedding car and arriving in style and having your photographer capture every moment of it. But on the other hand, if cars are not your thing you can even get a bike. Vehicles will make an amazing photoshoot prop, especially if you choose one that goes amazing with your style. It is a unique concept and you will have fun while creating unforgettable memories to look back on.

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Pictures of All Guests with the Couple

What is better than having a picture of all the people who are attending your wedding. Not a lot of people will intentionally create a photo that has all of your friends at the wedding in it. This picture will capture the heartwarming scenario of having all of your friends dressed up in one place. It can also be a silly spontaneous one to make it even more special.

Coloured Smoke Bomb Couple Shots

For those who like to have some fun and you want to have trendy and unique pictures, why not go for a smoke bomb couple shot. It will be a memorable picture and there are so many different ways you can go about it. Smoke bombs can create fun backgrounds and an unforgettable atmosphere. You can even have all of your guests participate and make it a fun group thing.

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As you can see, there are so many different ideas that are both creative and romantic, all you need to do is communicate with your photographer and have them see your vision. There is nothing more heartwarming than looking back on pictures of your wedding day and seeing how much fun you had on that special day.

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