Wedding Menu Tasting:

Everything You Need to Know

Creating menus for your wedding reception is much easier after you’ve experienced a few tastings. You’ll know exactly what you like about each option with different caterers so there’s no guessing involved or unpleasant surprises on your big day.

Still, it’s a new experience that you may feel unprepared for, so check out this guide to learn everything you need to know about wedding menu tastings. You’ll have a great time if you walk into each appointment prepared and confident in what you want from the experience.

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1. Prepare a List of Questions

During your wedding menu tasting, you’ll get to try most selections on a menu and sit down with the catering or restaurant manager. They’ll want to know what you enjoy and what you want from your wedding day, but they’ll also allow you to ask any lingering questions.

Write a list of questions before arriving for the appointment.

You could ask:

  • How do you incorporate dietary restrictions or food allergy requests?
  • What do you include with your catering packages?
  • Will your team make the food on-site?

These questions will reveal crucial details, like whether you’ll need to rent additional linens and dinnerware or if your menu is flexible enough to accommodate your guests’ needs.

2. Dress for the Occasion

Depending on the type of tasting and the venue, you might need to put a dressy casual outfit together to respect the vendor and elevate the tone of the tasting. If you’re trying barbeque for your reception, a simple pair of jeans and a t-shirt would be fine. A five-star restaurant might require heels and a dress you would wear to work.

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Showing up in the wrong clothes will make you uncomfortable and distract you from finding what you love about the tasting options.

3. Remember to Tip

Some venues will charge for their tasting services, while others will do it for free. They’re hoping you book their catering team so they can make their money back with your final deposit.   Although not usually done in Australia, leaving a tip is a polite way to thank them for their help, especially if their menu options are expensive.

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People who attend a wine tasting should tip for their expertise even if you don’t choose them.

4. Discuss Your Budget

The average cost for wedding catering can add up to $7,000 if you have that much room in your budget. If not, you should discuss your financial expectations with each catering team. They’ll strategise the best ways to get what you want without going over your budget.

Most brides will have tight spending limits, so don’t feel awkward when bringing up money. Professional caterers have heard it all before and completely understand where you’re coming from.

5. Balance Everyone’s Preferences

Don’t forget that you also have to please your guests as you taste-test your favourite desserts, drinks, and entrees. Balance everyone’s preferences so no one feels left out. Add a few crowd-pleasing options like mac and cheese, vegetable platters, and blended wines so everyone can enjoy your wedding meals.


Schedule Your Wedding Tastings Today

Now that you’ve learned everything you need to know about wedding menu tastings, start scheduling them today. You’ll know exactly which questions to ask, what to wear and what catering etiquette to follow for each appointment so they’re less stressful to check off your to-do list.