Wedding Guest Outfit Guide:

Perfect Looks For A Garden Wedding

Here are two pretty great things in your life right now:

1) you’re looking pretty cute today

2) you get to go to a lovely, flowery garden wedding. Yay for you!

A garden wedding usually means a fresh outdoor setting, a flower bar for the guests to enjoy, and an endlessly stylish little outfit that will make sure you look your best as you celebrate with friends and family.

This might sound like it’s easier said than done – after all, perfect outfits don’t just fall from the sky. Luckily, you have us to help you out! There are endless options for guests who are looking for something fresh, charming, and appropriate for a garden wedding, and we’re here to present you with the finest ones.

Take a look at our suggestions:

Wear silk to stun

If you’ve been working out and want to take this chance to show off your lovely figure, a silky slip dress is a good way to go. The delicate feel of silk will be evocative of flowers in the garden, and while it’s not an obvious choice to go for, there’s definitely no rule that says you absolutely must wear a floral chiffon dress to a garden wedding.

Silk is also a very tasteful, elegant choice and you can pick any kind of bright colour you like to stand out. Imagine a deep royal blue slip or a magenta getup that matches your nail polish – it’s instantly memorable.

Floral print dresses are still a good choice

Yes, florals are an obvious choice for this kind of wedding, but that absolutely doesn’t make them a bad choice in any way. Why wouldn’t you want to look as fresh as the spring’s first flower?

Choose a long, flowy dress that emphasizes your delicate features and put a belt around your waist to give it more of an hourglass shape if you like. You can pair this with cream-coloured shoes or other solid-colour pumps.

Take a minimalist approach to jewellery

It doesn’t matter how simple or complex your dress is – a garden wedding requires a certain dose of freshness, and you won’t accomplish that with big, clunky pieces of jewellery that will clash with the nature around you.

Elegant lockets and long necklaces are the perfect choices of jewellery here because they will elevate practically any outfit without overwhelming it, and they won’t clash with the scenery outdoors. You can pair this with a delicate set of beaded earrings or a thin little bracelet to emphasise your femininity and the beauty of nature around you.

Go for gentle pastels if you want to look fresh

Another great choice for a garden wedding is pastels. These kinds of colours are always reminiscent of springtime, and you can use two different pastel shades if you want to add some visual interest to the outfit.

You can always go for a breezy dress, or you can pick a pastel chiffon button-down shirt and pair it with a simple skirt or a pair of dressy pants. The only trick here is to find the right pastel colour for your skin tone.

Lace goes well with gardens

There’s something so dainty about gossamer-thin lace, especially if it comes in the form of gloves, or a pale pink dress, or maybe even a lace bow in your hair.

Gloves, in particular, tend to be evocative of fashion of the past centuries and they can give your outfit a very ladylike feel. If you’ve never worn them on your hands, you really don’t know what you’re missing! Such a small detail can give you so much confidence in your own feminine energy that you’ll feel like a Jane Austen character.

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Opt for comfy shoes

There’s something about vertigo-inducing stilettos that clashes with a nature-focused wedding. This doesn’t mean that heels are out of the question – it just means it’s a good idea to wear comfy ones. A simple pair of kitten heels, flats, or pumps with a chunkier heel can be a great choice.

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It doesn’t matter whether the wedding is set for summer, winter, or anything in between. A garden event calls for classic elegance and soft, natural colours that will complement your complexion. Choose a fun getup from our list and you’re bound to be one of the most gorgeous guests at the event!