Wedding Formal Dresses:

6 Do’s And Don’ts

Receiving an invitation to attend a wedding is one of the most exciting things. Weddings are usually enjoyable to attend. It’s a day full of love and positivity, with all the guests supporting the couple’s declaration of love for each other.

Being aware of how to dress formally for the wedding is one way to show your support. It may sound straightforward, but choosing a wedding formal dress can be daunting even for the biggest fashionistas. Go through a physical shop and find aisles and aisles of formal dresses. There are thousands of formal dresses to choose from if you search online.

You’ll realize that there’s a lot to figure out when shopping for a formal wedding dress. You can successfully avoid causing disrespect as a wedding guest and being an eyesore by going through this list of wedding formal dresses of dos and don’ts.

The Do’s

1. Do Review The Wedding Invitation

In a ping of excitement upon receiving that wedding invitation, it can be effortless to overlook some of the most important details of the wedding. One of those details could be the information on what the couple would want their guests to wear.

Even for formal dresses per se, there are still many sub-choices, particularly as to the colour. It can be very disrespectful when the couple has requested their guests to come in specific colours only and because of missing out on that detail.

2. Do Stay Away From Wild And Flashy Dresses

A wedding isn’t the time to bust out the sequins, no matter how formal the celebration may be. Yes, you can have a few beads here and there, but not in your entire dress. Save that for a disco party or a fun night out. Wedding formal dresses are meant to be elegant.


Along with this rule, do stay away from big and loud jewellery, sparkly tiaras, or sky-high platform heels. You wouldn’t want all eyes to be on you – for all the wrong reasons.

3. Do Stay Decent

The second ‘do’ above emphasizes staying away from wild and flashy dresses. This should also be coupled with the need to stay decent. Avoid wearing formal wedding dresses that are either too short, too skimpy, too sexy, or too revealing.

The golden rule is if you see a dress that you think you’d wear to a Saturday night pub or bar outing, it’s definitely not something you should do to a Sunday afternoon wedding.

Especially if the wedding ceremony is held in a church, there’s all the more that needs to be respectful of any clothing restrictions the church has.

The Don’ts

 Don’t Wear White

When the colours aren’t specified, don’t ever wear white. Even though this should be a no-brainer, it still bears saying. It’s bride’s day, so she deserves the spotlight. Even when you’re wearing a very simple white dress, that’s still stealing some attention off the bride.

The only exception is when the couple explicitly requests the guests to wear white. For instance, they’re having a white beach party. Without that request, now’s not the time for you to wear a formal white dress.

Don’t Forget To Consider The Location

Another reason why it’s a must to read the invitation very well is for you to have all the details of the wedding location. Even if it’s a fine, sunny, spring day, if the wedding reception is set in a mountain garden, it can get chilly at night.

Don’t let the weather rain on what’s supposed to be a fun and enjoyable day. Not forgetting to consider the location ensures you’re also well dressed and ready for what the weather will bring.

With that, bring layers to cover up. A lovely scarf will do. Also, if you have a dress coat or a formal suit, that’ll work fine. You can have those in your vehicle, ready for any changes brought about by an outdoor location.

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3. Don’t Wear Your Every Day Jeans

Lastly, your everyday jeans should have no place in a wedding. Even if the wedding may be casual, it’s not the time to wear denim jeans. Shop for a formal wedding dress. When you search thoroughly enough, you’ll find many wedding dresses that’ll still fit the casual wedding dresses department.


With the dos and don’ts above, you may be the best-dressed guest at that wedding you’re attending without upstaging the bride. Dressing up and choosing formal wedding dresses should be fun. Whether you’ve been invited to weddings left, right, or this is one of the only few ones you’ve been to, wedding fashion rules can constantly be change. It pays to run through guides from time to time, so that you can be on top of your fashion game with the best formal wedding attire.