Wedding Flowers to Elevate Your Special Day

Your Wedding is perhaps the most special celebration you could ever have in your life, and planning to make it the best is pretty daunting. We are here to help you select the best flowers for your wedding to express your feelings on your big day. Wedding flowers can also elevate the entire vibe of your special day.

Picking the Perfect Flowers for Your Wedding

Wedding Flowers must be the starting point of planning your big day. Have you noticed that flowers form the basis of a wedding ceremony? From bouquets and corsages to different coloured petals down the aisle and artistic floral creation for table centrepieces, flowers are found everywhere. You can set the mood and feeling of your wedding right by picking the perfect flowers matching your style, elegance and design.

Types of Wedding Flowers:

Picking the right wedding flower is as important as selecting the right gown for the bride. Wedding flowers are found in all shapes, sizes, colours and textures, and you can choose them to go with your wedding theme and personal preferences. Every flower has its own unique meaning and significance. Just like every picture tells a story, every flower does too.

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  • Tulip – This beautiful flower comes in many colours. The meaning differs according to their colours, like red means proclamation of love, yellow means sunshine and joy, and the multi-coloured tulips symbolise beautiful eyes.
  • Sweet Pea – To have an ecstatic experience, sweet pea is the best choice. It will make your wedding experience the most blissful and delightful experience.
  • Stephanotis – Who doesn’t want to receive blessings on their big day? Stephanotis is all about good luck and well wishes.
  • Rose – Rose is a classic wedding flower desired and used by many. It comes in different colours. Red roses symbolise love, pink- respect and appreciation, and white stands for purity.

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  • Ranunculus – These flowers are too perfect to be real. They have rose-like blossoms and come in various colours like red, yellow, orange, pink and burgundy. As a wedding flower, Ranunculus symbolises loveliness and enchanting.
  • Queen Anne’s Lace – This delicate flower symbolises feminism and also means home. It is delicate and most suited for extravagant weddings.
  • Poppy – This beautiful flower comes in a wide range of cheerful colours. Red poppy means happiness, yellow stands for prosperity and success, and white defines solace.
  • Peony – Peony is a perfect wedding flower to narrate your love story. It symbolises love, prosperity, honour, and above all, happy marriage.

  • Lily – This beautiful wedding flower is a metaphor for happiness. It also symbolises faith and trust.
  • Larkspur – Larkspur comes in different colours like pink, purple, blue and white. It means dedication, love, strong bond, and honesty. This Janus faced flower is irregular in shape but is extremely beautiful.

Things to Keep in Mind While Choosing Wedding Flowers: 

  • Create a wedding budget, as having a budget for flowers will help you narrow down your options and avoid unwanted expenses.
  • Make sure that the flowers that you choose harmonise with the entire theme and design of your wedding.
  • Pick seasonal flowers to save money.
  • Choose flowers that are long-lasting.
  • Chose flowers that co-ordinate with your venue and style.
  • While selecting flowers, go for your taste and preferences.
  • Consider your stature while picking a bouquet. Don’t choose a very big bouquet for a bride who is small in stature.
  • Consider the meaning of the flower you choose.

And finally, haste makes waste. So, be thoughtful while selecting your wedding flowers.

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