Wedding Dress and Tux Combos for Every Style

When it comes to choosing the perfect wedding attire, most of the attention tends to be on the bride, with the groom settling on a safe yet overdone two-piece suit. But even though the bride deserves to shine on her big day, there’s no reason why the groom shouldn’t shine just as bright walking down the aisle next to her – all it takes is a bit of planning and coordination in order to find that perfect wedding day look.

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So, here are some of the best wedding dress and tux combinations to suit every style:

For the Epitome of Elegance

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As plenty of brides spend their childhood dreaming about becoming princesses, there’s no wonder they want their fairytale to come to life by opting for the most elegant and opulent wedding dresses for their big day. If the bride has chosen a glamorous evening gown or a statement-making ball gown in a sleek and elegant style, it’s only right that the groom matches that level of sophistication and style.

When it comes to such refined attire, the best option would always be to go for a classic double-breasted tuxedo in black or white, in order to match the elegant black-tie dress code. Instead of a classic tie, opt for a minimalistic bow tie, and pair it with a low-cut vest. Complete the look with crystal or pearl cufflinks and accessories, and you’ll ensure the spotlight shines brightly on both of you during your wedding celebration.

For the Traditional Couple

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If you are a more conservative and traditional couple who decided to celebrate their marriage in a church, a beautiful cathedral gown might be the perfect option to make a lovely statement, while still being respectful and gracious. In the purest shade of white, complete with a long train and combined with a flowing veil, a cathedral wedding dress is bound to take everyone’s breath away.

But considering the grace and elegance of such an incredible gown, it’s up to the groom to dress the part as well and opt for a custom wedding suit that is tailored to his taste and style. Not only made to suit your body perfectly but also presenting the perfect opportunity to express yourself in a unique way, a bespoke suit is an investment you’ll cherish for the rest of your life. As long as you opt for muted, neutral colours, and black shoes and accessories to match, you will complement your bride beautifully when you walk down the aisle together.

For the Playful Bride and Groom

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For the more casual and laid-back couples that aren’t afraid to experiment, there’s no shortage of relaxed wedding attire either. Whether it’s a tea-length wedding dress or even a bolder bridal jumpsuit, an intimate ceremony or an informal venue is the ideal time to play with alternative bridal styles that are as simple and relaxed as they are absolutely gorgeous.

At more casual ceremonies, grooms have the opportunity to get experimental as well and showcase their quirky personality through incredible suit options. From more natural fabrics, such as cotton and linen, paired with a button-down shirt to more classic suits in bolder and brighter colours played up with fun, printed accessories that reflect your personal taste and style, don’t be afraid to try new things and wow everyone with your uniqueness and individuality.

For the Power Couple

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What was once only considered male attire is now a crisp, chic and refined bridal look that’s an ideal option for the bold and daring power couple. From tailored single-breasted jackets paired with cigarette trousers to double-breasted blazers combined with high-waisted, wide-leg pants, there’s an elegant bridal suit to fit any taste and style. For the bride who’s on the lookout for something braver and more adventurous, there’s even an abundance of statement-making options that include shimmer, shine and bright, vivid colours.

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But regardless of the type of suit the bride opts for, the groom can never go wrong with a matching suit style in contrasting colours or even shades that complement the wedding venue decor, in order to nail that perfectly complementing combination. As long as you enhance your suits with dainty yet impactful accessories, there’s no denying this powerful look will make a strong wedding day statement.

Although the bride tends to be the centre of attention at every wedding, the groom is always in the spotlight as well, which is why this celebration is the perfect opportunity for the happy couple to show their incredible style. But much like finding ‘the one’ you’re going to spend your life with, the wedding attire you choose should also be about complementing, instead of competing with one another.