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  • Wedding Day Transport

    The arrival of the bride at her wedding is always so exciting. The guests are eager to see how she looks and what she is wearing. Make the big reveal even more impressive by using some amazing wedding day transport

    Hiring wedding day transport is the most popular way to get around on the day, with many options available to suit your wedding theme, style and budget.


    Where to start?

    Work out what type of transport you are after, something:

    – large or small

    – modern or classic

    – usual or unique

    Choosing and booking the right supplier

    • Make sure you do your research and look around until you find a reputable supplier to perfectly fit your wedding style
    • Look through all the options available and select the one you like the most
    • Contact the supplier to check availability and ask any questions you may have
    • If you want to view the vehicle, ask if they have a showroom OR if they are attending any upcoming wedding expos

    Once you’ve found your supplier:

    • Book them as soon as possible – six to twelve months is ideal so you don’t miss out
    • Complete any booking forms required and make sure you have all the pickup details correct to avoid confusion
    • Confirm the booking in the lead up to your wedding day if they haven’t contacted you prior

    Budget and packages

    Sometimes fitting your dream transport option into your budget can be tricky:

    • Look around for local suppliers close to where you are getting married who can also offer great value for money
    • Look for packages that include everything you need
    • Booking suppliers at expos or when they have a sale is also great for the budget – but be prepared to book on the spot / within booking terms if you want the deal

    What’s popular and common?

     Some of the more popular and common wedding day transport hire options include:


    Always so elegant and stylish. Perfect for all types of weddings.

    We recommend:

    So Cal Limos – Perth

    Prestige Limousines – Gold Coast

    Wow Limos – Sydney

    Limo Zone – Melbourne and Enrik Limousines – Melbourne


    Stretch Hummers

    Very popular, stylish and great for larger bridal parties. A great option for modern and glam weddings.

    We recommend:

    Chandon Limos – Perth 

    Get Hummered – Gold Coast

    Hummer Limousines – Sydney


    VW Kombis

    Very cute and fun. They can be standard or stretched. Perfect for vintage or beach weddings.

    We recommend:

    Stylish Kombi Tours – Perth

    Kombi Hire Australia – Australia Wide

    Kombi Weddings – Sydney

    www.kombiweddings.com. Photo by James Billing Photograph

    Classics cars

    Beautiful, elegant and romantic.

    We recommend:

    Belle Limousines & Cars – Perth

    Somerton Limousines – Gold Coast

    Ace Convertibles – Sydney & Royalty Weddings – Sydney

    Classic and Prestige Car Hire – Melbourne Tripler – Melbourne


    Horse-drawn carriage

    Fairy-tale weddings – need we say more?

    We recommend:

    Perth Horse and Carriage

    Cinderella Carriage Hire – Gold Coast

    Wares Livery Stables – Sydney


    Looking for something a little more unique?

    Check out these alternate wedding day transport options:









    Ferry / Boat / Water Taxi


    London Cabs



    Double-Decker Bus




    Hot air balloon


    Who needs wedding day transport?

    1. The Groom and Groomsmen – who arrive to the ceremony first (sometimes this vehicle can drop the guys off and head back to collect the girls – check with your supplier if this is an option – keep in mind the distance and travel time)
    2. The Bride and who she is arriving with
    3. The Bride’s Mother and Bridesmaids

    Other wedding day transport options you may like to consider

    4. Guests if you are putting on a bus or wedding transport for them:

    a) If ceremony and reception are in two different locations

    b) If you have lots of guests travelling who don’t know the area

    c) If the wedding is at an ‘out of town’ location

    5. The ‘Getaway Car’ to pick the newlyweds up at the end of the night and take you to your hotel.

    With so many unique, classic, funky and fun wedding day transport options available, the question is – what will you choose?  Also remember to get some fun photos with the hired wedding day transport and ‘enjoy the ride’.