Wedding Accessories for the Bride

Designing your bridal look takes time and creativity. Once you know your preferred style and fall in love with a dress, it’s time to consider accessories for the bride. They complete your final look and dazzle your guests, so check out a few unique options that modern brides use to accentuate their bridal style.

1. Romantic Satin Slippers

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Some brides prefer to walk down the aisle in statement heels, but others love the comfort of romantic satin slippers. You’ll never have to worry about tripping and they’re comfortable enough to wear while you dance. Find a pair in a shade that matches your dress and practice walking in them to avoid wedding day blisters.

2. Freshwater Pearl Headband

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A freshwater pearl headband makes a statement and becomes a symbol of your love. Like many other wedding details, pearls symbolise a deeper meaning for couples who are about to say their vows. They speak to the wisdom and love you share with your partner. You’ll always see them as a symbol of your bond in every framed wedding photo.

3. Boho Chic Hat

Boho brides will love chic hats for a few reasons. They’ll protect you from the sun, which keeps your face from getting too red or sweaty in photos. They also make your bridal style stand out. You’ll fit right in with your boho decor and laid-back vibe.

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As you browse potential hat styles, make sure your final choice fits before bringing it hot. No one wants a hat that sits too low on their face or perches on top of their head. A quick measurement ensures a perfect fit and guarantees that you’ll look your best by the time you walk down the aisle.

4. Floral Bridal Brooch

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An antique brooch is the best accessory for brides who want a vintage look. You can also borrow one from a family member or friend so your accessory becomes a valued treasure. Pin it on your dress and switch it to a hairpiece after your ceremony. Play around with the placement after falling in love with your wedding dress to find the best place for it.

5. Silk Scrunchie

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The ‘90s are coming back in a big way. Younger generations can’t get enough of scrunchies, so they’re showing up as accessories for brides. Find a few you like and decide on your bridal hairstyle to figure out how to integrate one. They’ll add a little flair to your hair and keep strands out of your face while you have your first dance or party the night away.

6. Removable Diamond Belt

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Highlight your waistline with a removable diamond belt. They’re so popular that you can find them at mainstream stores and handcrafted shops. A tailor can sew it onto your dress or you could hang it around your waist. Depending on the width and weight, you can always wear it again to formal events with your spouse or place it in a shadow box with other accessories or wedding trinkets.

Find the Best Bridal Accessories

There are many wedding accessories for the bride, so get started with your search early. Play around with hats, belts and even brooches to discover the best pieces that complete your dream bridal look.

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