Wearing Silver Earrings:

A Comprehensive Guide for Weddings and Other Occasions

Shimmering, subtle or statement – there’s no shortage of stunning choices available to you when it comes to exploring the wide and wonderful world of silver earrings. This classic metal is timeless for a reason, favoured by stylish individuals the world over due to its quality, look and feel. Whether you’re new to the world of silver earrings or you are on the search for a fresh addition to your adornment collection, this comprehensive guide to wearing them with poise is going to come in useful.

Keep reading to discover everything you need to know about wearing and styling your silver earrings for every occasion on your calendar this season – and every season after.

When to Wear Silver Earrings

Aside from the striking glow that mimics the moonlight – one of the very best things about silver earrings is that they really can RSVP yes to every single one of your moments. Whether styled for wedding, formal or casual affairs, your silver earrings are always going to fit the dress code. This gives you total freedom when it comes to curating and styling your silver pieces!

Types of Silver Earrings

Silver Studs

A beautiful way to elevate the everyday is by adding a pair of silver studs. These can be as striking or simple as you like, with many different types of shapes and styles out there available to you. Choose a pair of delicate silver studs in a floral shape for a simple yet impactful addition to any outfit. These will freshen up your daily uniform and can see you from your desk to the dancefloor, meaning that they are a brilliant investment that you will get plenty of wear out of!

Silver Hoop Earrings

The hoop earring is one of those pieces that will well and truly never go out of style. No matter what kind of personal look you subscribe to, no jewellery collection can be complete without the perfect pair of silver hoops. Search for a dainty pair of medium sized hoops traced with diamanté detailing for a stylish upgrade on this must-have shape and wear with absolutely everything. From your office attire to your most formal evening dress, this cool jewellery staple can harmonise with absolutely everything you own.

Statement Drop Earrings

If you want to take your silver somewhere statement, search for a pair of striking drop-down earrings. From streams of glittering diamante to eye-catching motifs such as petals, hearts or teardrops, you can find striking silver earrings in a wide range of different shapes to suit your mood. These are a brilliant choice for cocktail parties or evening events, but they also work to add a glamorous glimmer to your more minimal outfits.

Chandelier Earrings

Dramatic and radiating, the chandelier earring is the ultimate choice if you want a bright flash of silver to light up your look. These will be the perfect elongating addition to your eveningwear, perfect for lifting a simple silhouette or for matching seamlessly with a jewelled dress. This pair does all the styling work for you, so you’re free to keep your other accessories to a minimum and let your statement silver shine!