5 Ways to Make Your Wedding More Memorable

We’ve all been to a wedding, maybe many. In retrospect, has there been a wedding experience that has been permanently been imprinted in your mind?

Everyone wants their once in a lifetime, special day to be a fun and unique experience. All that attend the wedding are there for one reason, to celebrate the marriage of family or friends.

Often, a little thought into making your wedding day memorable can go a long way. It’s something that people neglect when planning their wedding, but one of the most vital parts of the wedding planning process.

We’ve got a few important things for you to consider when planning your wedding, to ensure it’s entertaining and memorable. For both you and your one true love, plus the people who are honoured to be your guests.

1. Wedding Favours Your Guests Will Actually Appreciate.

Why are Jordan almonds even a thing, you take them home and throw them in the bin. Forget tradition, BORING.

If you’re going to spend the money on a wedding favour, why not leave your guests with something that will solidify their memory of the day. You want something that will enhance their time or help them remember your special day.

Here are a few ideas that embody just that:

  • Succulent plants – Decorate guests homes and symbolise the life you’re growing together
  • Customised lip balms – Something everyone needs, customised with your names
  • Nutella jars – Bulk buy the jars and get each guests name imprinted on them
  • Coffee beans – For the newlywed coffee lovers, practical and simple. Everyone loves coffee.
  • Personalised coasters – Simple, effective and incorporates guest’s names.
  • Glow jars – these have to be one the coolest mementos. Get mason jars, splatter glow in the dark paint and add tonic water and glitter. Or, get them made custom with your names on them!


2. Make Your Wedding Photos Interactive and Unique

Probably one of the most unique ways to make your wedding photos unique and more interactive for the guests is to include tasteful props. Line scooters or Vespas up and your guests can get on them for a photo. Hiring scooters is an easy step and can be handled by your wedding organiser or yourself.

3. Revamp Your Guest Book

A stock standard guest book is common these days, we’ve got a few ideas to make them more memorable and engaging for your guests. Here are a few options:

  • Self-service photo booth – Have a self-service photo booth attend your event. Throughout the night your guests will be able to use the photo booth at their will and will receive both a photo for them to keep and a photo to stick in your guest book along with a special message.
  • Polaroid guest book – Select a few trustworthy, social friends to take pictures as people arrive.
  • Haikus or poems on origami – Encourage guests to include a special message for the couple, rather than a typical congratulations message


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4. Replace Phones With Disposable Cameras

Our phones these days can be a distraction from our real-life experience. We’ve been to a wedding where guests are asked to lock away their phones for the event, and in exchange, they were given a disposable camera.

Source: https://www.theknot.com

In a social media-driven world, this is a great way to make sure everyone is present in the moment creating actual memories, rather than spending time sharing it with others.

Your guests will have the excitement of getting the photos developed and looking back on their time after they’ve experienced it.

5. Surprise Guests During The Reception

Give your guests something they’re not expecting upon arrival. They say the first impression is everything. Do something fun and exciting, it’ll set the tone for your night and will engage everyone from the get-go. Here are some riveting ideas:

  • Have a hidden tent that serves a theme shot, say Indiana Jones style (keep it weird!)
  • Have an instructor give salsa or cha cha dancing lessons to your guests
  • Rather than toss a bouquet, throw a Marge Simpson wig or something unique
  • Have some old fashioned games such as mini-golf or bocce
  • S’mores bar around a fire pit


Image Source: https://www.theplunge.com/

Whether your wedding is big or small, there are so many ways to add uniqueness to your day. Just remember that everything you choose to do is at its core, special to you and your beloved. Authenticity is key and it will make the memory shine bright throughout your life.