Virtual Seats at Weddings:

6 Reasons To Live Stream Your Big Day

Lately, it’s become a trend for many couples to live stream their wedding. It’s a great way to allow more people to see your nuptials without actually being there in person, and it takes a lot of stress out of the situation when you’re not trying to entertain hundreds of guests. When you live stream, you allow folks to see your wedding in real-time, and it can be an excellent fix for many potential wedding-related snags.

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Here are some tips for making your live stream a success and why choosing this novel approach may be the best decision you have ever made.

1. It Can Go Well if You Plan It Right

As technology evolves, it’s becoming easier to live stream your wedding. Still, it’s not wise to set up the camera at the last minute, hit record, and hope the whole thing goes off without a hitch. Instead, some preparation is required. For instance, for the people at home to actually hear and enjoy your nuptials, you’ll need to gather the proper equipment, including a camera, tripod, and microphone. Don’t forget the charging cable for the camera or phone because it will be on the whole time and use a lot of juice.

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Although most people will watch your wedding from home, sending all guests a proper invitation is still nice. You can stick with the theme by creating a video-recorded invitation and then email it to all the guests. Provide the link to the stream and the time when they should log on to see the festivities.

You’ll also want to take the time to test the equipment in advance by trying a practice stream. While you’re at it, designate someone to manage the live stream so they can correct any errors as they happen. That individual may also carry the camera during the wedding to create a more interactive experience. If you put effort into the setup, the payoff can be incredible.

2. Today’s Tech Makes It Easier Than Ever

For a successful stream, you’ll need a good internet connection and a streaming service. There are several options, but many people choose to go with Facebook Live because many of your guests are already likely members of Facebook, and they’ll know how to navigate the website. Facebook also makes it easy to set limits for who is and isn’t allowed to view the festivities.

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In the past, streaming your wedding was a pain because the internet is known for being an undependable mess. However, the tech has improved over the years. In fact, the ability to live broadcast over a 5G network ensures fast speeds and a foolproof connection. A 5G connection also allows for multiple devices to be connected wirelessly, so you could actually have several cameras live-streaming the event.

3. It’s a More Environmentally Friendly Option

If you’re a couple who considers yourselves more environmentally conscious, then you may decide to stream your big day because it’s a more sustainable option. When there are fewer people at your wedding, that means fewer materials are being used, which equates to less waste. There likely won’t be a lot of wasted food, confetti, or garbage tossed around, so you’ll be doing the Earth a favour.

Plus, if you have your nuptials outdoors, you’ll use less electricity, which means fewer fossil fuels will be burned to illuminate the event. Another way to make your outdoor event more sustainable is to power the electricity with eco-friendly generators that run on rechargeable batteries or, in the case of biofuel generators, organic material like cooking oil. If you have a small group of in-person guests, encourage them to carpool instead of driving alone to reduce harmful emissions.

4. It’s Perfect for a Smaller Guest List

Some couples don’t want to have a large crowd at their wedding, and if that’s what you desire, then invite only the essential guests, and everyone else can watch the live stream. A smaller guest list may be the way to go if you can’t afford to have too many people or it’s too hard to decide who will or will not get an invitation. A wedding is usually much easier to throw together when there are fewer guests, and it’s much less stressful.

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5. You Can Get Married Anywhere

You and your mate may have a dream of getting married in another country or on a remote beach. The good news about that type of wedding is that it will be beautiful and a moment neither of you will ever forget. The bad news is that many potential guests won’t have the funds or resources to travel where you are. You get the best of both worlds by live streaming your wedding because you can go where you want, and everyone who’s invited can still see the ceremony in real time, so it will be like they’re there.

6. You’ll Have the Video To Watch for Years to Come

While wedding videos are certainly not anything new, if you produce your live stream just right, you can watch it repeatedly down the road. Just make sure to save the recording in a safe place. Also, if guests cannot attend the live stream, you can send them the footage to watch on their own time.

Talk with your mate about the potential to live stream your wedding, and if it solves a lot of your wedding day logistical issues, then consider giving it a try.