Unusual Wedding Dresses and Fashion Trends

Wedding fashion traditions are changing, but the most important thing remains the same – the bride should be the queen of the universe on this day. We decided to help you with this and collected the most unusual dresses and trends for wedding fashion 2019-2020.

Feather Wedding Dresses

Wedding dresses with feather accents are quite a unique design. It’s hard to imagine something more memorable! Feathers have a very gentle and unusual look and feel ~ add colour to them for something really special.

Image Source: https://www.herworld.com/

Wedding Dresses with a Bow

An important element of fashionable wedding dresses is made in the form of a bow, which can be very different in shape and colour. The fashion house Carolina Herrera offers an abundance of wedding dresses in a new collection with this element. You will see gold, lilac, purple and pink bows on wedding dresses for 2019-2020. This element can be made in a three-dimensional version or with long hanging ties and is attached to the back, side or front of a wedding dress.

Image Source: https://www.carolinaherrera.com/

Wedding Jumpsuit or Pantsuit

The 2019-20 wedding season has a very impressive trend – many designers were attracted by the idea of ​​creating wedding trouser suits. This is not surprising, because stars have chosen this trend for several years. Now it is gaining popularity – embodied with all the design skill, the trousers are in no way inferior in beauty to classic dresses or skirts.

Source: https://www.onefabday.com/20-amazing-bridal-jumpsuits/

Convertible Wedding Dress

Do you want to look like a princess when you walk down the aisle but still want to be free to dance the night away?  The Convertible Wedding Dress has a detachable skirt which will give you two amazing looks.

Image Source: eBay

2019-2020 Wedding Trends to Consider When Shaping Your Perfect Image

So, we have told you about some unusual wedding dresses, and now let’s look at the trends to make your image as fashionable as possible.

Short Wedding Dresses

A short wedding dress offers so many possibilities and there are such a variety of styles that it is simply impossible not to fall in love with them. The main trends are the asymmetry in the classic version – short in front and long in the back, colour and lines of the 50s (Marilyn Monroe style).

Image Source: https://www.emasscraft.org/

Natural Makeup

Wedding experts believe that in 2020 it will be unnecessary to make the bride look like a doll. On the contrary, we will go for maximum naturalness, use cosmetics for skincare and emphasize the unique beauty of the girl with the help of light tones in makeup.

Image Source: https://www.phillymag.com/


It’s time to say no to voluminous hairstyles and false curls. We will see brides choose a casual style in hairstyles, like a careless bun. The natural trend continues, so your hair should also look as natural as possible. Additional decoration like voluminous hairpins or flowers will be out – instead, fasten the hair with invisible hairpins or elastic bands the colour of the hair.

Image Source: https://www.topweddingsites.com/


The main accessory of the bride is a veil. In 2020, the veil comes out of the shade and takes on the same meaning as the dress. It is densely decorated. This trend could be observed at New York Fashion Week.

Image Source: https://www.harpersbazaar.com/

Due to the increasing popularity of veils, an alternative is a cape. A cape allows you to create a truly royal look. Moreover, this is often intended to balance an almost defiantly sexual image.

Image Source: https://www.harpersbazaar.com/

Single Flower Bouquet

A bouquet of one flower is proving to be very popular. A bride’s bouquet of one flower can be loved for its unique combination of simplicity and beauty. The large flower in the hands of the bride will make a decisive statement and add a modern touch to her image. Flowers such as peonies, roses, and dahlias are perfect for this type of bouquet.

Image Source: http://teamns.info/


Heinrich Heine once said that the music of the wedding procession reminds him of a military march before the battle. And the battle of interests and compromises is indeed yet to come as an integral part of family life. But some models of fashion designers resemble a declaration of war to all existing traditions. If you feel the strength to challenge society and guests, then you can easily wear an original designer dress. In any case, it will be discussed for a long time after the wedding!

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