Unique Wedding Reception Ideas

Every bride wants to plan an unforgettable wedding day that everyone will love. First things first, when planning your wedding think about you as a couple, your personality, what you love…the day should be a reflection of YOU!

Want to be different and have a unique wedding reception that guests will talk about for months to come? We have put together our favourite unique wedding reception ideas that you might not have thought of. Whether you love laid back weddings, stylish, rich cultural or ‘WOW’ weddings we are sure there will be an idea you love.

1. The Picnic Wedding Reception

Picnic wedding receptions are a totally unique idea and a fun way to celebrate your marriage in a laid-back manner. Picnic weddings can be as simple or formal as you want. You could have a DIY buffet style set up of food and a barrel full of drinks, or a formal seating with waitresses serving canapes and bubbles in crystal champagne glasses. This picnic-style of wedding reception is also perfect for the kids. What we love about picnic wedding receptions is the creativity you can have in planning and design.

picnic wedding reception ideas


2. Rooftop Wedding Venue

Rooftop weddings are one of the latest trends that we are absolutely LOVING! We have seen some gorgeous photos of intimate wedding ceremonies overlooking the city. As well as chill-axed cocktail style wedding receptions with unique bits and pieces of styling elements to luxury chic intimate small weddings with china crockery. We’ve rounded up our favourites to inspire you…



3. Wedding Marquees

Marquees are open to many different styling designs and allow you to create any atmosphere you want. From lanterns, draped fabric, hanging chandeliers and/or lights to rustic-inspired designs, you can style your marquee wedding reflecting your personality and wedding theme. Here are the latest marquee wedding trends we are seeing.

Colourful Lanterns 


Marquee Draping  & Lighting 



 4. Tipi Wedding Receptions

A stunning alternative to a wedding marquee these VERY large Tipis give a fun creative design to wedding reception venues. Reflect your individuality by creating something totally unique and inspirational, that brings your family and friends together. Tipis provide a wedding reception venue for those who want something casual to formal, they are so versatile and visually chic in every element.  Wow, your guests and be BOLD!


5. The Underground Cellar 

Yes, it may sound odd and in the dungeon a bit, however, the historic features of an underground cellar are ‘SIMPLY MAGNIFICENT!’  Most cellars have magnificent timbers, barrel stacks and soft lighting, that provide a warm, intimate feeling, perfect for a wedding reception celebration. These pictures say it all.

Source: Pinterest

6. Vineyards 

Experience the romance of your special day surrounded by picturesque vineyards, greenery and pure serenity. There is a vast range of settings you can have at the local vineyard that you may not have thought of.

Picture this… Lush greenery, vines, branches, hanging crystal chandeliers and simple luxury decor what more could you ask for.



7. Barn Wedding Venue

We are in love with barn weddings, why? Barn wedding venues are the perfect blank canvas to create whatever your heart desires. We can use our creative designer flare. From rustic inspired styling, vintage, country chic, sophisticated elegance, and vintage charm you can turn a barn into a wedding masterpiece.



8. Backyard Wedding 

Backyard weddings offer a special location for the bride and groom to say “I do”. Most couples these days have their own home, where they have shared many milestone memories. What better way to celebrate your special day with your loved ones then showcasing your home? Let alone backyard weddings reduce the cost of venue hire, per guest cover charges plus more. Your backyard wedding can also be as simple or extravagant as you want, here are some ideas we love.



9. Historic Wedding Reception Venues

Looking for wedding venues steeped in history and tradition? Look at hosting your wedding reception in a historic building, landmark, venue dated back to the 1880’s. As these historic establishments feature character, charm, elegance and above all lots of history. Usually nestled on large acres with breathtaking panoramic views of deep mountain gorges and tree filled valleys.

Fit for a King and a Queen



Looking for the perfect wedding reception venue?

Or have you decided upon an elegant historic wedding venue or simple backyard wedding, or what about an enchanted forest-themed wedding? Your ceremony requires careful attention and detail and that’s where we come in.

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