Unique Wedding Menus Inspired by Different Countries

Cultures can differ in numerous ways, but celebrating with good food is something everyone enjoys. No matter where your wedding ceremony occurs, you can craft a unique wedding menu theme inspired by different countries.

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Check out some ideas from the following cultures to find the best menu additions for your reception.

1. Flavourful Egyptian Menu Ideas

Egyptian food is a mixture of African culture and Arabic cuisine. There are so many delectable dishes to choose from for your wedding reception. Start with appetisers like hummus dips or tabbouleh bowls before serving grilled lamb chops with spiced yogurt. Your guests will look forward to finishing the night with meshabek funnel cake or qatayef dumplings.

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2. Dazzling Australian Food

There are plenty of Australian menu additions that will make your wedding extra special while hosting your ceremony in your hometown. Miniature meat pies and braised beef short ribs pair well with creamed potatoes or roasted eggplant.  You can’t go past our amazing seafood either. Don’t forget about serving something like lamingtons or pavlova to celebrate the heart of Australian culture.

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3. All-Encompassing Cajun Courses

While there are many U.S. cuisines to choose from, Louisiana cajun food is a delicious option that is sure to make your wedding menu stand out. The culinary history combines seven global cultures from Africa, the Caribbean, Native American tribes, and more. Seafood gumbo and shrimp with grits are two of the most popular dishes, but you can also serve Louisiana crab cakes or cajun shrimp tacos as your main menu options.

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Then, soothe your taste buds after a spicy meal by serving desserts like king cake, beignets, and pecan praline cookies.

4. Adventurous Scotland-Inspired Menu Additions

Whether you’re getting married at a Scottish wedding venue or consider yourself the biggest fan of the “Outlander” book series, you can create a Scotland-inspired menu for your big day.

Compare Scottish cheeses to pick the most delicious cuts for a charcuterie appetiser spread.

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Your main meal could include venison, steak pie, buttered potatoes, and roasted root vegetables. Don’t forget to dine on a fudgy Scottish tablet, shortbread, and Dundee cake in between dances at your reception.

5. Inclusive New Zealand Food

Northern New Zealand is home to numerous Maori tribes, while the southern regions primarily share one culture. Consider food from both parts of the country to find flavours that blow your mind.

Baked camembert cheese with ciabatta bread is always a crowd-pleasing appetizer, but your guests may also enjoy marinated olives or seafood chowder. Traditional beef wellington or tarakihi fillets followed by berry cobbler or rich chocolate ganache cake will finish your wedding reception with an explosion of flavour.

6. Timeless Peruvian Culinary Creations

Peru’s mountains are home to some of humanity’s longest-running cultures. To this day, locals dine on ceviche and oysters drizzled with passion fruit syrup to kick off their biggest celebrations.

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Plated pulpo, ribeye, or berenjenas barbecue are just a few options to inspire your entree selections. Ensure everyone gets to taste a few picarones and Tejas before your big reception exit at the end of the night.

Compare Unique Wedding Menu Themes

Adventurous brides can choose from so many unique wedding menu themes inspired by different countries. Try different recipes at home or make restaurant reservations to taste-test whichever dishes interest you the most. You’ll find flavours and entrees that sing to your taste buds while you’re planning your big day!