Unique Handmade Wedding Gifts

A purely handmade wedding gift: a bobblehead doll, which can make your wedding full of more surprises and happiness. Customized bobblehead dolls are now very popular as marriage is the most important moment in everyone’s life. After experiencing the long-distance race of love, two people enter the palace of marriage hand in hand. There may have been difficulties and happiness before this, but a small family of two was established after overcoming all difficulties.

This moment is important in life for the two people. It means that they will face difficulties and joys in living together in the future. They are brave and happy. What is happy is that they can share each other’s difficulties in the future and share each other’s happiness when they encounter it. Share.

No matter how the wedding is held, the two people I want to get married will receive blessings from relatives and friends. There are phone greetings from far away, and blessings from friends who are currently attending the wedding. There are also various gifts for the two—a gift for someone getting married.

There are many types of gifts for people getting married. Today I want to introduce a special handmade gift. You can also call it a bobblehead or a cake topper. This is a kind of character statue that can be hand-carved based on the photo of the person getting married, but the size of the bobblehead doll is not as big as the statues people encounter in life, it is only about 8 inches in height. Very convenient to carry.

Handmade gifts usually take a lot of time, so they are different from other ordinary gifts. They often carry people’s beautiful and sincere blessings for it. The bobblehead doll is like this, based on the wedding photos of the two married people You can choose another life where hand-carving artists will hand-carve a reduced version based on the photo. However, this will not affect its similarity to the real person at all, but the size will be reduced.

You can carry out your own personalized customization and add some special symbols of the newlyweds in it. Of course, you can also add some elements that the newlyweds like in the bobblehead doll. These are all possible because this is completely customized. It can be said to be unique, because this bobblehead doll is customized one-to-one for two newlyweds. There will not be another gift like this in the world unless you customize two.

The bobblehead is a type of sculpture, but you don’t have to worry that this unique wedding gift will be brittle or easily damaged. This will not happen to the bobblehead. The last process of the bobblehead ensures its high strength. It uses It is carved from soft clay. If there are parts of different colours, art carvers will use materials of different colours for carving. Isn’t it amazing? It is not painted with paint, but comes with its own color, so you don’t have to worry. Its color fading problem, the finished bobblehead doll can be displayed in 360 degrees, it is a three-dimensional.

Because it is carved according to the individual of the bride and groom, it is unique. It is a unique wedding gift full of beautiful meanings. You can customize the wedding photos of the bride and groom or how they looked when they first met. The bride and groom do not have to be in person. Go to the scene and let the artist carve it. You only need to transfer their photos to the art sculptor. You can put the carved bobblehead doll in a beautiful gift box and give it to the bride and groom when you go to the wedding. When you open it on site , they will be very touched, and other guests attending the wedding will also be amazed by your unique and only gift.