Ultimate Bridal Styling and Colour Palettes for 2017

Our senior creative team have been working alongside the top wedding stylists to produce the ultimate bridal styling and colour palettes for 2017.

Our stylist at Adorn Wedding Invitations has put together a styling guide for you.

How to Create a Charcoal, Ivory & Metallic Gold Wedding for Winter

The Stationery: Think luxurious materials and designs. Don’t skimp on the quality here! Look for a thick card in rich black and hot foiled stamping in gold. Gold lined envelopes also make the perfect accessory here. This colour palette is bold so choose invitations with offbeat designs.

The Theme: Old Hollywood or Art Deco works well with this unique and glamorous colour palette. An updo with pin wave curls and a cat eye will make a beautiful statement along with a lace embellished gown. Make a statement with accessories and opt for gold encrusted shoes and statement earrings.

The Florals: Keep floral arrangements bright and white to contrast against the black and gold décor. You’ll want to find a balance amongst the heavy tones. Peonies keep a fresh and trendy touch and roses can add more of a romantic feel.

The Cake: A gold frosted or foiled cake is going to be a show stopper among this glamorous style. Top the decadent dessert with fresh flowers from your bouquet and choose a rich chocolate ganache filling.

The Décor: Gold hardware on your table setting will make a beautiful impression against a black table runner, pair this with geometric tealight candles along your table settings for an added element of pattern. If you’re looking to really impress – splurge on a gold dusted candy bar with an assortment of sweet delights.

The Venue: Traditionally styled restaurants and ball rooms which exude grandeur will create a cozy and opulent atmosphere for this Winter wedding. Look for décor such as chandeliers and period style features.

How to Create a Serenity & Rose Quartz Wedding for Spring

The Stationery: Whimsical scripture and blushing water colours will create a soft and romantic look to introduce your wedding. Splashes of rose or yellow gold will also glam the stationery up for some sophistication.

The Theme: Keep it romantic and feminine! These delicate colours are screaming for a dreamy theme. An A-line dress with layers of silk and organza will look beautiful with a tailored waist. Add something blue into your outfit with serenity coloured shoes or earrings. Rose gold and soft shimmering eyeshadow along with strobing cheekbones will beautifully compliment this dreamy theme.

The Florals: This versatile colour theme means that you’ll have an abundance of options for your rose quartz floral arrangements. Anything from peonies to pink roses, hydrangeas and even daisy’s will be perfect for your wedding day. Serenity flowers may be a little more difficult to come across but cornflowers, thistle, pansies and sage flowers are all gorgeous.

The Cake: Freshen up your cake with a splash of rose gold metallic to finely compliment your wedding stationery and décor. White chocolate, Chantilly crème and vanilla sponge with berries are the perfect taste representation of this palette.

The Décor: Rose gold metallics are the perfect complement to the blushing hues in Rose Quartz. Period style candleholders and cutlery will be brought straight into the modern era with this trendy metal. Blue table runners and linen with blushing flowers and white plates will balance out this colour combo beautifully.

The Venue:
Having your day outdoors with natural lighting will look beautiful against the delicate, light shades. Make sure your photographer utilises his natural outdoor lighting well and opt for dreamy, and beautifully exposed images to capture your day.

How to Create a Kale Green and Ivory Green Wedding for Summer

The Stationery: Go for minimalist designs with rose gold foiling and luscious floral accents. Pair these features with a white backing as a canvas for the gold foil. These minimal features beautifully reflect the fresh, crisp theme of this colour.

The Theme: This colour palette is predicted to be real front runner for Pantone’s 2017 colour of the year. Ideal for summer if you keep your style and theme minimal and modern. Think fresh and crisp elements and go for a simple gown with skin showing. Backless gowns with spaghetti straps paired with long wavy locks are perfect for summer months. Dewy skin and minimal colour on eyes will also suit your beachy, relaxed waves.

The Florals: There are countless varieties of greenery that your florist can supply you. Eucalyptus looks beautiful in a floral bouquet and this pairs wonderfully with succulents along your tables. Garland draping from the roof will create a more intimate feeling and indoor trees will really wow guests. This colour palette will work well with both minimal and industrial styled weddings along with more elegant affairs.

The Cake: Keep flavours fresh and light. Heavy dark chocolate in the heat of Summer won’t sit well with all guests. In terms of styling – really wow your guests with succulents crawling along the cake.

The Décor: Keep your furniture simple and modern. Copper wired seats will create an element of luxe and sophistication against an industrial backdrop. Remember to keep décor natural and understated. Marble or stone pots or accents on your tables will look beautiful.

The Venue: Think open spaces, clean industrial lines and white, bright lighting. Warehouses with exposed brick and concrete will contrast beautifully against lush greenery and succulents. The materials used in these venues will also keep the day cool amongst stifling hot weather so you and your guests can dance the night away.

How to Create a Jewel Toned Wedding for Autumn

The Stationery: For your invitations and stationery, look for jewelled elegance and rich colours. Find an invitation with a bit of jewellery on it, such as a circle of crystals threaded over a rich purple ribbon, or a lovely teardrop crystal attached to abundant lace.

If crystals and lace aren’t your style, go with the natural effusiveness of the season. A colour saturated navy grounds the colour scheme, with a more casual half-pocket style to keep it comfortable.

The Theme: For a theme, you can “go big,” as they say, or have a simpler autumnal gathering. Either one works well with the joyful jewel tones of autumn. The keywords here are “warm,” “rich,” and “happy.” Lace is totally appropriate for this season, so consider lacy, bell-shaped sleeves that reach to about mid-knuckle. It’s a modern take on Kate Middleton’s vintage gown. These bell sleeves look sophisticated on a gown with straight lines, and bohemian on a gown with A-line styling.

The Florals: Flowers that thrive during this season typically have thicker petals. Orange Gerbera, Purple Alstroemeria, Deep Red Mums, and more bring the richness and vibrancy of autumn into your celebration. Create a cascading bouquet for a more formal affair, or a bundle held tightly with twine for the casual gathering

The Cake: Cascades of deep purple mums, sprigs of orange and red orchids, even sliced figs make amazing themes for the autumn wedding cake. Ribbons add colour as well. Try the orchids and ribbon, with smooth fondant, for a formal wedding. Or, go with levitating tiers with simple piping and richly coloured flowers and sprigs between the layers.

The Décor: Here is a chance to bring in copper and gold in your decor. Table settings can be formal, with tablecloths, silk leaves, and symmetrical floral arrangements, or you can go all natural with small gourd/pumpkins for placeholders.

The Venue: If you are planning an outdoor wedding, make sure you have a Plan B, because you really never know what the weather will do. The nice thing about an autumn wedding is that a nice, warmly lit room creates a cosy atmosphere regardless of the size of the gathering.

Content and Images supplied by Adorn Wedding Invitations