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Floral Magic In Wedding Venues

Weddings are magnificent and magical events celebrating the strong love between two people. Nonetheless, there are a lot of things behind the beautiful moments weddings impart to the newlyweds and their event guests. This includes the couple’s and wedding entourage’s wardrobe, wedding theme, food menu selection, and so on.

But one very important component of a successful and memorable wedding is the wedding venue. This is where most of the event will be held – hence, it’s very significant that you and your wedding coordinator get the wedding venue right. One way you can make the wedding venue of your dreams become more beautiful is by using flowers.

Flowers are indispensable at weddings all over the world. Since time immemorial, flowers have been used to adorn wedding venues to suit the preferences of the couple, follow a significant wedding theme, signify the love between the newlyweds, and many more.

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Whether you’re looking for flowers for Valentine’s Day or for your wedding day, make sure that you work with an expert florist. Think of them as the highly skilled floral whisperers that you need for your special event. With their experience, a florist can help you plan to pick the most appropriate flowers to use on your special day, how they’ll be arranged in the venue, and so on.

How To Use Flowers To Transform Wedding Venues To Your Liking

Flowers are multipurpose decorations that you and your wedding coordinator can utilize to amp up the ante of your wedding venue. They can be used in a variety of ways.

For instance, you can ask your wedding coordinator to use flowers to adorn the seats and tables at your wedding reception venue. Further, you can use flowers as accents in dull-looking spots in your wedding venue.

Another use of flowers is that they can be used to form different shapes and sizes. Think of flowers being utilized to form a lovely archway at your wedding venue. To add, flowers can be used to form big letters that spell out the names of the couple, which can be placed at the front of the wedding venue for every guest to enjoy.

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Want to learn more about how you and your wedding coordinator can utilize flowers to transform your wedding venue? Check out the examples below.

  • Use Flowers To Transform A Dull Barn To An Enchanted Glade

Rustic weddings have been in fashion lately. To achieve that rustic feel, couples end up using country barns as their wedding venue. Nonetheless, if used as is, a barn is dull and looks rough around the edges.

To introduce an added value of beauty to a barn wedding, you can use flowers to introduce pops of colour and make the scenery much livelier. For a rustic wedding, it’s advised that you use wildflower varieties like sunflowers. Besides that, you can ask your wedding coordinator to add mason jars, soothing lighting, and the like to better accentuate the rustic feel of the barn.

  • Flowers Can Make Cold Industrial Spaces More Inviting

Another trend with wedding venues today involves industrial-themed weddings. These are wedding ceremonies carried out in industrial-styled buildings – event spaces with exposed pipes, unfurnished brickworks, and the like. As the name suggests, an industrial-themed wedding’s main allure is the ‘factory-like’ feel it imbues to the wedding goers and newlyweds.

The seemingly cold and uninviting feel of an industrial space can be easily mitigated with flowers. You can incorporate dangling flowers in the exposed pipework in the ceilings and walls to much needed add aesthetic value. Other flower-based décor, such as small terrariums and others, can be utilized, too.

  • Go All Out With Your Floral Designs For Fairytale-Themed Weddings

Flowers have an inexplicable charm to them, don’t they? If you and your beloved are going to have a fairytale-themed wedding, you can go all out with your flower décor pieces and arrangements – especially in the venue.

You can set up all the walls in your wedding venue with the flowers of your liking. Think of roses, dahlias, carnations, and so on. Greenery can be incorporated as well.

As mentioned earlier, you can use flowers to form any shape of any size. If you want to have a castle made out entirely only of flowers towering many feet tall, you can go ahead and make it a reality.

Meanwhile, if you want to use a float for your and your loved one’s entrance to the wedding venue as newlyweds, you can use flowers and arrange them to your liking.

  • Flowers Add Beauty To Already Beautiful Destination Weddings

Planning to have your wedding in a destination out of your locality? Flowers can help make your wedding more beautiful and memorable.

For example, you and your partner’s family are flying out of the country to a tropical island destination in the Pacific for a beachside wedding. Indeed, it’s a perfect opportunity to make an already memorable wedding even more unforgettable.

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You can ask your wedding coordinator to partner with local providers to fill your beachside wedding venue with local tropical flowers endemic to the area. Think of exotic lobster claws, amaryllis, and so on. You can have these flowers line your pathway to the altar and stand in contrast to the crystal-clear azure waters of the sea – a sure-fire combination for a picture-perfect wedding.

Important Tips To Keep In Mind

When incorporating flowers into your wedding venue, remember the following tips:

  • Make sure that the flowers that you’ll use work well with your wedding and the venue.
  • Set a separate budget for flower décor and so on.
  • Practice open communication with your wedding planner.



Flowers are powerful tools you can use to make your wedding venue memorable. With the points above as your guide, you’re on the path to achieving your dream wedding venue.