Top Tips For Wedding Invites Your Guests Will Adore

When it comes to planning a wedding, everything is important. The things that set apart a great wedding from the rest are often found in the small details, the subtler moments which guests don’t even realize they care about until after they’ve experienced them. One such area is the wedding invitation. The invite, for those outside of the inner circle, is really the first step, the first element of a wedding that a guest will experience. For that reason, it’s not enough to simply brush it aside as a formality. Instead, it should be embraced as an opportunity to dazzle.

With that being said here are some top tips on how to give your guests the best possible invitation.

Keep It Functional

Yes, we’re starting with the boring stuff. Whilst, as we will go on to see, there are a whole host of amazing things that you can do to make your invitation stand out, it’s really important not to forget why you’re sending one. Paper mail, as old fashioned as it is, still serves a purpose: delivering information. If your wedding invite fails to let a guest know the where/when/who/what to wear/how to gift of it all, then, sadly, you’ve failed. Before you start, think of everything you could possibly want a guest to know and then find a way to put that information on your invites.


Write It Well

Again, this is a slightly mundane piece of advice, but its importance cannot be stressed enough. Given that your invite is the first opportunity for you to set the tone of your wedding, sloppiness in your attention to the details (like syntax, punctuation and grammar) and the major errors (spelling mistakes and misinformation) will not be a good way to begin the path to the happiest day of your life. However, it’s easier said than done, so here are a few helpful sites with pointers to help improve your writing.

  • ViaWriting and SimpleGrad – These two are very handy grammar guides. Good grammar is often overlooked, but its importance can’t be stressed enough.
  • BoomEssays and Essayroo – Two proofreading/editing sites that go beyond normal spellcheck and are perfect for writing correctly (as suggested by AustralianReviewer).
  • WritingPopulist and StateOfWriting – Both of these sites have lots of suggestions on improving your writing generally. Learn some new writing and editing tips to stay on top of your writing style.
  • Bigassignments and UKWritings– These are editing and proofreading tools, great for helping you ensure that your content is perfect before you send it out to all of your guests. (Positively reviewed in Bigassignments review)
  • MyWritingWay and LetsGoLearn– General writing guides with information for you to make sure you’re in the best possible position to write a well thought out invite.
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Learn From Others, But Make It Your Own

“It’s always a good idea to check out what other people have done in the past”, says Marian Regan, relationship writer at AustralianHelp. “The resources are out there you just have to go and look. But be careful, don’t be so influenced that you lose your own unique vision.” You have to be able to set your own invites apart from all of the others your guests will receive in their lifetime, but it’s always good to know what other people are doing to inform your decision better.


Add An Extra Element To Your Invite

A simple piece of card is fine, but it’s a bit boring and doesn’t fully capitalize on your opportunity to really impress your guests. Look for an extra element to introduce into the experience of receiving the card. Try scenting the paper with a perfume, adding glitter or sparkles (not too much), enclosing it in a real wax seal or even putting something edible inside. If you’re willing to think outside the box you’re bound to come up with something that will make your invites really special.

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Invest In Quality

No one likes the feeling of cheap paper, least of all in the context of a wedding invitation. You should go out of your way to try and source a really beautiful feeling card or layered paper with embossing and high-quality imprinting. Weddings are often planned months, if not years, in advance so you also need an invite that will stand the test of time and not get tossed in the trash at some point by accident. With really high-quality materials you will have your guests treasuring their invite like an ancient scroll.


So, be creative and be precise. Through a combination of the two, you’re sure to hit on an invitation idea that expresses who you are and what your wedding is going to be like in a memorable and enjoyable way.

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