Top Destinations For a Perfect Beach Wedding

Have you ever thought about eloping? Just imagine a wedding at some magical place with a sandy beach, palms, and sunshine. Sounds almost incredible, but don’t be discouraged, with a little bit of a good organization you can achieve this. Besides, it’s not just about eloping with your beau. It can be a regular wedding with all of your invitees, but this time instead of a church and a restaurant, you get something more exotic. But where is the best place to do it? It will highly depend on your budget and your location as well. Let’s give you some of the best beach wedding suggestions.

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Harbour Island in the Bahamas

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Pink Sands Beach is the perfect place for such a romantic occasion as a wedding. Its name already perfectly describes its uniqueness, with the faded pink hue of its sand. It can be a perfect wedding getaway for people who live in the USA or Canada since it’s not too far. Other than being gorgeous, this beach is 3 miles long, so if you decide to bring all of your guests with you, you don’t have to worry if there’s enough room.

 Maui Island in Hawaii

Another American destination, Hawaii offers some of the most exotic places. Makena Cove Beach offers a volcanic landscape, exotic trees, and soft sand combined with azure water. Those are just some of the reasons to visit and enjoy your wedding there. The sunsets at this place are especially worth it. Take into account that this place is more secluded and more suitable for intimate weddings unlike the previous one.

Playa Hunku, Curaçao

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This island is one of the Caribbean gems and with its strong European influences and colonial architecture, it will give you enough ideas to fully explore it once you’ve had your wedding ceremony. The beach itself is intimate and you can rent it for your ceremony. If you want a not-so-common place for your beach wedding, Curaçao might just be right for you.

Bali Beach Wedding

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Moving on to Asia, Indonesia is one of its most amazing countries, and Bali is its most famous island. People often choose it as a honeymoon destination, but why don’t you get married there and start your honeymoon earlier? With a vast choice of beaches and beachfront villas as your Bali accommodation option, you might even have a hard time picking just one for yourself.

Sea Trader Beach Wedding

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It doesn’t ring a bell? Think about a wedding in South Africa. This beach is one of its most amazing ones and it’s located close to Capetown, one of the most beautiful African cities. It’s also one of the most wonderful honeymoon destinations, so just like Bali, it offers a complete and unique experience.

Whitehaven Beach in Australia

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Whitsunday Island offers this amazing Bali-like beach where you can fully enjoy an intimate wedding ceremony. It is surrounded by beautiful nature and parks and also it offers plenty of activities for adventure lovers, such as snorkelling. Don’t forget to celebrate your vows in some of the bars and restaurants since Australia is famous for its rich nightlife.

Menorca Wedding for Europe Lovers

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If you want to enjoy some of the 70 wonderful beaches that this Mediterranean island offers, you shouldn’t hesitate a minute. Menorca is a sophisticated Spanish summer destination and it will provide you with a lavish wedding experience. While Mallorca and Ibiza are more for party lovers, Menorca is more relaxed and elegant. Serenity, intimacy, and luxury are synonyms for this destination.

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The world is full of wonderful places that you can’t even visit all even if you had all the money in the world. However, your wedding day can be unique and special if you spend it at some of the most paradisiac places on earth, such as Bali. Think about the places mentioned above. Be given recommendations for different parts of the world so that everyone can find something relatively close and suitable for your budget.