Top 8 Outdoor Wedding Themes

Weddings are one of the most important moments of our lives because it is the time when we enter the next stage of our lives with our partner.

So, it makes sense that we do our best to make it unique and extraordinary so that we can distinguish our own wedding among many others. One good way of doing that is by having an outdoor wedding.

Here are some of the hottest outdoor wedding themes that will spice things up and make your memorable day even better and romantic.

Modern Tropical Vibe

Having a tropical theme for your wedding isn’t new. In fact, it’s one of the most popular and oldest themes there is. But instead of having an ordinary beach wedding laden with seashells and Hawaiian-style poles, why not go the extra level and match it with some modern vibe?

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Having palm tree and banana leaf prints that match vibrantly-coloured throw pillows create a chill and contemporary feel to your day. You can also add white seat covers and gauzy linens across the hallway for a cabana-like feel. It’s all about getting the oasis vibe that makes your wedding day more memorable and, of course, “tropically” cool.


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Add antique decorations such as worn wooden seats and weathered doors for this look. This creates a seeming time-machine feel that makes your wedding noticeably different, but of course, brilliantly thought-out. You can also have an old vintage Porsche or maybe a classic Volkswagen as your wedding car. Although it may take some time finding the perfect decor, be sure to capture all your efforts by hiring an event photographer.


If you’re the kind of couple who wants to have a splash of unique vibe on your big day, then having a whimsical theme might be for you. Try experimenting with many different vivid colours to add a cool outlandish feel to your wedding. Multi-Coloured streamers and facades matched with brightly-coloured balloons and mismatched floral arrangements give a fresh feel to this big day of yours.

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Then there’s this thing called Rustic design that creates a simple, yet elegantly peaceful vibe to your wedding. Have a few mason jars, string lights, or wooden furniture adorned with minimalist floral arrangements. This would also work well if you have a rural venue such as a barnyard or grass plains.


A Bohemian-themed wedding will be classy and downright memorable if you’re the kind of couple who’s carefree and want a fresh and natural feel to your wedding. The main element of this is simplicity.

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Floral decorations should strictly adhere to the minimalist style so that it won’t feel blown up. You can also add some oriental-style rugs along the aisle and throw in some decorative pillows near the altar. Having macrame decors hanging around the sides would also look cool.


Here’s one for the environmentally-concerned couples out there. But don’t take this lightly because it’s not all about your usual reuse-reduce-recycle kind of theme! In fact, this is where green accents come to play.

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The environment also plays a huge part in this. It’s best that your wedding is held in a natural environment, preferably surrounded by trees, in a natural garden, or perhaps in a grassy plain.

Instead of decorating the aisle with flowers, why not spice it up with some plants. And sprinkle in some biodegradable confetti. You can even have invitations made from recycled paper! Be creative, think green, and save Mother Earth.


A celestial theme is for the outer-space and sci-fi loving couples out there. But don’t take this as a nerd’s choice because this is one of the most romantic and solemn themes out there.

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Infuse the venue with star-laden decors. You can even have a night sky ambience on your reception’s ceiling to add depth to your location.

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Invitations, guest books, and backdrops can even have a galaxy-inspired design.

Destination Wedding

These are increasingly popular nowadays. This is done by having your wedding day in a prime tourist destination spot where you and your few-select guests are going to travel with you.

Destination Weddings

You can be creative with your decor here because it depends on the place where you’re having the wedding. Add some tropical vibe to it if you’ll have your wedding somewhere in Asia. Or perhaps sprinkle some wintery touch if you plan on being married in the Italian Alps.

What do you think of the wedding themes above? Do you feel like having them? Or maybe you’ve got some suggestions? If so, feel free to voice them out in the comments section below. We’d be more than happy to hear from you.