Top 5 Hidden Costs of Planning Your Wedding

Setting your budget is one of the most difficult steps for planning the wedding of your dreams. Although it seems like a daunting task at first, it helps to know some of the unexpected costs before completing this step. Here are our top 5 hidden costs of planning your wedding:

  1. Name Change Costs 

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Although it’s expected that a name change will occur once you’ve tied the knot, the cost to do so may be shocking. According to Easy Name Change, the average cost of a successful legal name change application could cost between $120 and $190.

Solution: If you plan on taking the traditional route and changing your last name, factor this into your overall budget immediately. These fees are unavoidable and it’s best to plan ahead.

2. Cake Cutting & Corkage Fees

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Depending on what venue you choose for your big day, there could be cake cutting or corkage fees, per guest. Each venue is different and it’s best to read the fine print on the contract to see what the fees would entail.

Solution: Gauge the number of guests you’ll have at your wedding and factor in potential cake cutting and corkage fees. Be mindful of the correlation between the number of guests and the fees and react accordingly.

3. Passport Fees 

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Destination honeymoons are continuing to rise in popularity. Some of the most popular honeymoon destinations include Italy, Portugal, France, Jamaica, the Bahamas, and Mexico. Per TripSavvy, the average honeymoon cost will include 14% of the couple’s overall wedding budget.

Solution: If you plan on having a destination honeymoon, look into financing your wedding with a credit card that maximizes air miles rewards. There are many options that will allow you to contribute those rewards towards your flights.

4. Dress Preservation

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 More likely than not, your dress will have some natural wear and tear once your wedding day comes to a close. Between hugs, kisses, dancing, and meals, your dress is bound to need a dry cleaning. After basic research, it will cost anywhere between $350–$550 to have it done.

Solution: With every traditional wedding comes a bridal shower. To help the guests choose the right gifts, create an online registry that includes a gift card to your trusted dry cleaner. This will help absorb some of the costs of preserving your dress.

5. Generator Hire

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It’s no secret outdoor weddings are becoming commonplace. Although scenic, you must consider the lighting, sound system, and any heating or cooling you’ll need for your guests. Some venues include a generator in your contract (fees vary per venue), but if you’ll need to source it yourself, it can cost anywhere between $150-$250.

Solution: If you plan on sourcing your own generator, do your homework. There’s a variety of models that support different levels of what equipment would need to be supported. Make sure you rent a generator that can support your vendors’ equipment!