Top 5 Engagement Ring Designs

Wedding Ring Design Ideas

Proposing to your love is the most special day. It is followed by a perfect ring to bind the two in an unbreakable bond of love. Love is bliss. As the ring is for someone special in your life, it has to be perfect.  This makes the right selection of the engagement ring important for you both.

The ring wearer is going to wear that piece of art and craft for her lifetime. It can be a difficult task for most men. Why?  Just think it through, the love of your life is going to wear it in every situation. In her PJs, in her office, at functions, at home, every good and bad situation. So, it has to be perfect and it must match her taste in all aspects. In a nutshell, it must be perfect.

In this post, we are going to provide you with some help by showcasing five-ring design ideas that are trending. These engagement ring design ideas will help you to make one of the best and most beautiful decisions of your life that will be remembered by the most special person in your life.

1.   Solitaire with Shoulder Stone

The Solitaire is one of the most classic rings of all time. While a traditional cut Diamond always remains the most popular for the centre stone, the use of small gemstones on the metal around the centre gem is trending now.

Most of the metal is covered with small gems. In this Solitaire with Shoulder Stone, different shapes are preferred by people such as square cushion cut diamonds, emerald and oval stretched shaped cut diamonds.

Princess-Cut and Cushion-Cut are trending most. Apart from that, Round Brilliant-Cut is also gaining popularity. These designs are elegant and will always shimmer on your love’s hand.

2.   Trilogy (The Three Stone Styles)


If you want to have a symbolic representation of your love, Trilogy rings are the best to seize the opportunity. It gives your ring a timeless look. It is believed that the Three Stone Ring represents the past, present and the future of the couple.

You can also opt for Halo fused Trilogy engagement rings.  There are many couples who prefer to have diamonds for the three stones, but if you want to have something unique, you can select two different stones with one Diamond at the centre.

Make your epic love story memorable with the three-stone style engagement rings.

3.   Halo


Halo rings are trending, with celebrities getting a lot of attention due to their large and expensive attention-grabbing rings. If you have the same desire, you can opt for such luxury but within your budget.  A Halo setting gives you a bright centre stone which can make your diamond look at least half a karat heavier.

The Halo rings are set around the centre gemstone with pave stone. When these pave stones shine, they make your centre stone look brighter which is why the centre stone looks half a karat larger.

Make your expression of love eye-catching and luxurious with a Halo engagement ring.

4.   Coloured Gems

Coloured Gems

If you have a love of colours, then the coloured gems rings are the best match for you. Coloured gems and even coloured diamonds are very popular.

You can choose any of the coloured gemstones or diamonds to show your love through a piece of art. Different colours have different meanings to express. You can have a look at this LINK for more details.

5.   Geometric Design

Geometric Design

Traditionally it was believed that engagement rings represented feminine curves. But with the passage of time thinking and trends are changing. People are now inclined towards simple straight geometric shaped gemstones mounted on the ring.

This trend has given birth to an entirely new market. People love Emerald-cut diamond-shaped as a rectangle or square or a six-sided hexagon with six prongs. This not just looks classic but also very elegant.

You can add a bright sapphire, or a diamond or whatever you like.  Make your love classic with a Geometrically designed gemstone in your engagement ring.

I hope this helps you in your most vital decision of the lifetime.

Author bio – Gemma Gannon has a great sense of fashion and trendy jewelleries. She is a jewellery designer and artist associated with Luminus Diamond, an online shop that offers a wide selection of unique engagement rings in Melbourne.  Gemma works with an experienced team of diamond experts and skilled craftsmen, well known for providing top quality diamond rings and jewellery.

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