Tips to Make Sure You Have a Stress-Free Wedding Day

There is no doubt that organizing your wedding is one of the most overwhelming tasks that you will ever deal with; if you are in that process right now, you probably know that already. It is inevitable to get stressed out at one point, however, when the big day finally arrives, it is time to let go of all that worry and enjoy the moment. Here are a few tips on how to have a stress-free wedding day.

Be sure to have a schedule

The number one rule you will need to follow if you want your big day to go smoothly is having a schedule. It’s a great way to make sure everyone involved in the wedding is on the same page and has something to refer to in case difficulties arise. Of course, the schedule should have all the necessary contact information vendors might need. The wedding party should have a “simplified” version of the schedule, too.

Delegate tasks and focus on yourself

It can be hard for you not to be in control of everything when it comes to the most important day of your life, but you have to accept that on this day, your one and only role is being a bride. This means not receiving calls about last-minute changes and not running after guests, trying to get them together for a group picture. These are all tasks you should assign to people you can trust. You should consider hiring a “day-of” coordinator who will take the burden off your shoulders and keep everything under control, while a family member can help out with smaller tasks.

Better safe than sorry

You can’t control the weather, and if you’re the worrying type, a few gathering clouds on the morning of your wedding day will have you obsessively checking the weather forecast throughout the entire day. Don’t let the possibility of rain stress you out when you should be enjoying yourself. Organize a backup plan if your wedding will be held at an outdoor venue. You can have tents set up just in case – it’s a small price to pay for peace of mind.

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Don’t leave hair and makeup for the last minute

You have probably planned out your dream look in your head ages ago. However, doing your wedding hair and makeup for the first time on the wedding day itself is risky, and if something doesn’t end up looking like you imagined, your stress levels will be through the roof. Do hair and makeup trials to see whether a look fits you and you will be able to get ready on the day of your wedding stress-free. Make sure your makeup is waterproof and it won’t look like a disaster the moment you get emotional and shed a tear (which is guaranteed to happen). For instance, many Aussie brides get elegant fake eyelashes in Sydney and steer clear of smudged mascara.

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A pain-free day

The last thing you want is your big day to be ruined by sore feet – so be prepared. First of all, no matter how pretty and comfortable your wedding shoes look, wearing them for the first time on the big day is a sure recipe for disaster. You should wear your shoes for periods of time at home to break them in and make sure they won’t give you blisters two hours into the day. Wearing tights or just knee highs under your dress is also a good idea to make sure you’re comfortable – don’t worry, no one will see it. For the same reason, feel free to change your shoes to flats whenever you want to since they will be invisible under your dress anyway and your comfort is more important.

And finally, expect that not everything will go according to plan. And that’s the beauty of it all. Don’t make the day’s schedule too rigid and leave a bit of room for spontaneity. There are things that are impossible to plan for but whether you stress about them or not does not change them. So, on your wedding day, let things flow naturally and don’t overthink every single detail. Live in the moment and make memories of a lifetime!

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