Tips to Keep Your Wedding Dress in Pristine Condition

Your wedding gown is one of the most important pieces of clothing you will ever buy, so you will want to treat it with care in the lead-up to your big day. Once the alterations are completed, and you possess it, you should make every effort to keep it in pristine condition until you are ready to slip it on for your walk down the aisle. Here are some precautions to keep your dream wedding gown in pristine condition. If you dirty your wedding dress after your wedding, you could take it to the wedding dress cleaning and storage services so that they can clean it and store it for you until you are ready to get it.

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1. Pack it Tightly to Keep the Shape.

Your tailor or seamstress should pack your gown on a bust form or tissue paper to help it keep its shape. Make sure to request this from your alterations professional to keep your dress safe and in good condition.

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2. Hang the Wedding Dress on a Padded Hanger

Hanging your dress is another important way to keep it safe in many situations, but make sure you use the right hanger. To protect sleeves and straps, use a clothes hanger with silk padding. If possible, hang your gown away from the floor and walls to help it keep its shape. Your wedding gown will most likely have hang straps, which should be used to support the weight of your gown and keep it properly hung in the weeks and months leading up to your big day. But keep in mind that a heavy dress with a lot of embellishments and beadwork should not be hung. Place the gown in a garment bag instead.

3. If Necessary, Have it Professionally Pressed

As the big day approaches, you want to have your dress professionally pressed and cleaned, if necessary. Find a reputable dry cleaner to do this for you, and make sure to call a few weeks before your wedding to ensure they have time to care for your gown. When that is finished, and you have your dress back, hang it up somewhere safe to keep it wrinkle-free until your wedding. However, keep a steamer on hand for any last-minute creases or wrinkles on your wedding day. Once you have your wedding gown, keeping it safe should be your top priority, and you will be glad you made an effort.

4. Avoid Extreme Temperatures

You do not want to keep your wedding gown somewhere that gets extremely hot in the days leading up to your wedding. For example, do not keep your gown in a damp basement or a hot attic. The ideal temperature for your gown is 60 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

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When buying a wedding dress, you need to store it so that you don’t put on a creased dress on your wedding day. If you don’t know how to store your dress, you should try and pick it up from the store on your wedding day instead.