Tips to Announce Your Big Day

Sending out save the date cards is essential as people are busy and often held up by various events, activities, among other commitments. It’s particularly more important if your wedding date falls around any major event or holiday. With this invitation, your family and friends will appreciate your thoughtfulness for giving them a heads up to clear their calendar and prepare for your big day.

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Once your friends and family receive these cards, they can request time off work and mark attendance for your wedding. Let’s face it; people live in different parts of the world. Letting them know early about your upcoming nuptials also enables them to work on their travel plans and make arrangements to be there for you. In this article, we will cover a few things that you need to keep in mind as you make your save the date cards. Let’s get started.

When Do You Send the Cards?

Weddings come with etiquette and rules that you cannot get out of easily. Besides, why would you want to? The rules are there for your benefit too. One of them is when these invitations should be sent. The sooner, the better. Before you’re overwhelmed by other logistics, send it months in advance to those you care about.

That way, you give your relatives plenty of time to prepare for your big day: either to travel from out of town, book accommodation, request for leave, or purchase plane tickets. Save the date months are especially important if you have a destination wedding, you can give a year or six months’ notice. The best part is that you strike off the guest list from your to-do-list.

Online Save The Date

Online is where almost everyone is. Going for online save the date cards is a great way to save you time and energy. You can add your wedding day to your guests’ calendars automatically. It’s even better as people are saved the trouble of remembering which date to mark. You also don’t have to worry about your invitations getting lost in the mail. The beauty of online save the date announcements is that you can connect with people through text messages and instant messaging to receive or give updates.

Save The Date Wording

There’s no better time to show your creativity than when you’re designing your save the dates. However, for non-creatives, don’t fret. You can look at save the date templates to come up with great ideas for your own invitation. Even as you play around with the save the date wording, you need to include the following:

  • The full names of the couple.
  • The date of the big day. (Afterall, it’s the main reason for the card)
  • The location of the wedding: A city and state will do; you can include other details in the upcoming invitation.
  • You can add your wedding URL if you have one.
  • Inform your guests that a formal invitation will follow.


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There are numerous save the date ideas you can use as long as it’s expressive of your wedding theme and style. You can choose to be playful with your wording or formal. It can also be poetic, humorous, or traditional. The goal is to have a wedding that you enjoy. For example, a lover of the Viking Age can devise a medieval-themed card. You can also decide to portray your love for the Vikings through your outfit, which can include a dramatic flowing floral dress with multiple layers. Or, you can go for the Viking hair, which took the spotlight in that age as it was long, braided, and finished with a bridal crown. For the groom, you can wear a traditional Viking tunic.

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Your wedding is a happy and momentous occasion that is made more magical when your friends, family, and other loved ones attend. Save the date will give them the perfect opportunity to prepare for your big day. Letting your guests know you’re about to get hitched in advance is an excellent way of making sure they don’t miss your ceremony. As you prepare your save the dates, ensure they have all the vital information such as the date and you and your fiancé’s full names. Letting your guests know that an invitation card will follow is also courteous.

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