Tips On Filling Out Your Marriage Certificate

Congratulations! You’ve made it through the stress of planning a wedding; the vows are said, and the party’s finally over.

You’re officially married, you want everyone to know, and there’s one simple way you can make this happen. No, it’s not heading to the Social Security office to change your last name, but if this is on your to-do list, make sure to make an appointment. You don’t want to spend the day waiting in long lines.

Instead, we’re talking about knowing how to fill out a marriage certificate. No, it’s not a legal requirement but it’s nice to have. Don’t worry, it’s only basic information and we’ll walk you through the simple steps.


Finding and Filling Out a Marriage Certificate

Before you can start filling out a marriage certificate you need the document. Most of the time, whoever is marrying you brings a blank certificate. Heading to the justice of the peace, no worries.

You can pick up a certificate almost anywhere, including online, and you can find some great templates to fit any style, including some for free. From gothic to elaborate, contemporary, or elegant, there’s a perfect template to show off in your home.

So, what information do you include in a marriage certificate? You start with your names and go from there.

  • If you want a more formal marriage certificate, include full names. This means the bride’s maiden name. If you want something a little less formal, go with first names only. There aren’t any set rules, so go with what feels right to you.
  • The wedding date is typically next on a marriage certificate. Don’t use abbreviations for the month since you’ll want to write or type everything out in full. Remember, even if you’re going for a less formal style, there are some things you just don’t want to abbreviate, and this includes your wedding date.
  • Where did you get married? This is the next item on most marriage certificates. Whether it’s a church, courthouse, or a drive-thru wedding venue, write down the name. If you had a backyard wedding, you don’t need to write down the home address, just stick with something like at a family home or with a gathering of loved ones. You get the general idea.
  • There’s also a field for witness names, which can be a little tricky at times. You can write down the name of the officiant, the bride and groom’s parents’ names, or list the best man and maid of honour. If you don’t want to list any witnesses, no problem. You can leave the field blank or delete it from the template.


See? Filling out a marriage certificate is a breeze.

Marriage Certificates Make Great Gifts

You don’t need to be the happy couple to download a free marriage certificate—you can give one as a thoughtful and inexpensive wedding gift. You’ll include the same information as if you were the bride or groom.

Find a great frame and you have the perfect wedding gift the bride and groom will cherish throughout their marriage.