Tips for Planning an Outdoor Wedding in Any Season

Coordinating the perfect outdoor wedding doesn’t have to be a challenge. Every season can pose questions that might make you second guess holding your ceremony outside. However, if you have your heart set on an outdoor venue, there are ways you can prepare for the possible inconveniences.

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You can plan an outdoor wedding in any season with these helpful tips. Keep them in mind as you daydream about the perfect date for your big day!

Spring Wedding Planning Tips

Spring can be the perfect time of year for a wedding, with flowers blossoming and warmer weather. If you’re in love with the idea of a spring ceremony, don’t forget these steps during your planning process.

Remind Guests About Seasonal Allergies

If you’re worried about pollen and seasonal allergies, it might be a good idea to advise your guests to come prepared. Advise them to bring allergy medication if they feel the need. If they take it preemptively, no one will have to leave early with a runny nose or itchy eyes.

Spray for Pests

Pest control is an excellent way to make your wedding comfortable for everyone. Professional teams can spray the property to keep bees away from flower arrangements and mosquitoes from annoying your guests.

Find Temporary Flooring

Spring rains often leave yards mushy with mud. Temporary flooring provides a solid surface for your outdoor ceremony and reception without permanently damaging your venue. No one wants to walk down a muddy aisle or get their heel stuck in the damp ground.

Summer Wedding Planning Tips

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Anyone can get married in the summer by adding these strategies to their wedding planning experience.

Rent a Tent

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Protect your party from the sun and heat with a tent. A framed canopy tent can hold up to 320 guests while providing shade or withstanding strong summer winds during rainstorms. They’re great for outdoor receptions and covering your altar.

Provide Water

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Even if your guests can sit in the shade, the summer heat will make them dehydrated quickly. Have an excess of water bottles or a drink station and ice buckets ready to go so everyone has something cold to drink. You can even make custom labels with your wedding date or hashtag to keep them on theme.

Set Up Fans

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You can also keep your guests cool by setting up fans around your ceremony and reception area. Look into rotating fans with multiple speeds to get the best use from your rental purchase.

Autumn Wedding  Planning Tips

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Autumn is a beautiful time of year to get married. These tips are best for brides who dream of fall landscapes around their venue.

Hire Professional Landscapers

Landscaping teams can rake leaves on the morning of your wedding and clear the parking lot of debris. The place will instantly be picture-perfect and better for outdoor dancing.

Embrace Candles as Decorations

Fall is all about being cozy, which is the ambience that candles provide. Set them up on your reception tables and in lanterns to add a warm glow to your big day.

Plan Your Wedding Photos

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Your photographer can make the autumn leaves a running theme in your wedding portraits if you discuss the possibilities before your ceremony. Scout locations for family photos and candid pictures so they know which parts of the scenery you want in your background.

Winter Wedding Planning Tips


Outdoor weddings can be made possible even during the colder months. Try these tips to make your winter wonderland fantasy a reality.

Find Outdoor Heaters

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No one will want to spend hours at your wedding if they can’t stop shivering. Proving multiple heat sources is a must. Place outdoor heaters around your venue to keep everyone comfortable.

Hang Mood Lighting

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The sun sets early in the winter, so mood lighting will be more important than ever. Hang string lights around your outdoor space and light a bonfire to keep the party going after the stars come out.

Confidently Plan Your Outdoor Wedding

Brides can use these tips for planning an outdoor wedding in any season. Whether you want spring flowers in your hair or snowflakes swirling through your wedding photos, you’ll be able to plan for everything that will keep your guests comfortable and happy.