Tips for Having a Successful Backyard Wedding

As you begin planning your wedding, you’ll notice that many things are more expensive than you expected. Venues can charge thousands of dollars to rent out space only for a few hours, which is a struggle for most brides on a budget.

Many brides have come up with new ways to host fantastic weddings, like inviting everyone over to a backyard ceremony. Whether you hold it at home, at a friend’s house or a large rental property, it’s much more affordable than most traditional venues. Still, it can leave you wondering how to work with all that open space.

Here are some steps to take to ensure a successful backyard wedding. Once you find some inspiration, the details will fall into place so you can enjoy the time leading up to the day.

1. Plan Your Prep

Any venue requires a bit of prep to get the space ready for a wedding, but especially a backyard. You’ll need to think about how you want it to look and what to do to make that happen. You might want to plant brightly coloured flowers, trim hedges or even install features like a stone retaining wall. Create your wedding vision early so you know exactly how much time you’ll need to pull it all together.

2. Consider a Theme

Are you considering a theme for your wedding? Think about the decor you’ll need for it to work in your yard. You might require certain kinds of plants or flowers to match the look you want in your pictures. Maybe you need the grass to be a bit overgrown so it doesn’t look too short for your bohemian ceremony. The little details matter, so consider themes and decide what you want to go within the months before your wedding.

3. Choose a Large Tent

You’ve selected the month and date for your big day, but have you thought about the weather? Don’t risk getting caught in the rain or direct sunlight while you say your vows or enjoy your reception. Choose a sizeable rental tent and enjoy the many benefits that come with one, like more decorating options, privacy and shade.

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4. Pick Your Mood Lighting

Most brides plan mood lighting well in advance of their wedding, so think about the tone you want to set. Do you want candles and fairy lights, or Edison bulbs and table lamps? As you browse through lighting options, think about ways to save money. Switch traditional bulbs out for LEDs that use far less electricity and will keep your electric bill to a minimum, no matter how long your guests stay throughout the night.

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5. Remember the House

Enjoy decorating your yard, but don’t forget that guests will go in and out of your house, too. Decorate the hallways and dining room with flower arrangements and tulle. Put up cute signs indicating where the bathrooms are and supply them with plenty of toilet paper. These little details will make the whole property feel like a party and also keep you from running to restock things during your reception.

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6. Rent What You Can

It’s tempting to get linen napkins and glassware when they’re on sale, but rent whatever you can. You won’t need the 50 extra chairs or 60 feet of fairy lights after your wedding. A good rental company will give you a great deal and include employees to help set up and take down any big items.

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Start Planning Early

Backyards present many more decorating and setup options than some venues, but you’ll need to start planning early to figure out how you want everything to look. Think about what lighting you want, what kinds of flowers match your theme and how you’ll decorate the inside of your house. It’ll all pay off when you start seeing it all put together in the days and weeks before your big day.