Tips for a Pre-Wedding Beach Photoshoot

You must have been rushing about deciding on the proper venue, amount of guests, cuisine menu, floral design, and the list continues on and on. You and the bride/groom don’t even have enough time together to spend the few moments before you ultimately tie the knot. What if you could spend quality time together while simultaneously preserving it as a memory for the rest of your lives? That is entirely attainable with pre-wedding photographs!

You may have your romantic moments (completely candid) at a gorgeous location of your choice, such as where you first met, kissed, or even on a beach (extremely popular among couples). All you’ll need is your wedding photographer to capture those special moments. If you’re worried about the poses and the awkwardness that comes with it, continue reading because we’ve compiled a few tips and stances for you to keep in mind and attempt with your partner.

Why Do Couples Enjoy Pre-Wedding Photographs So Much?

As previously stated, it is important to spend quality time with your spouse before eventually reciting your vows to each other, while also capturing those moments. Pre-wedding photography is solely for couples, with wedding photographers capturing your most candid and intimate moments. It is a personal space for you and your spouse, as opposed to your wedding day, when you are surrounded by family, friends, and other guests.

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Apart from that, it removes the discomfort between you and your wedding photographer, allowing for open communication on both sides. It helps them understand which side or stance would appear best on camera, and it allows you to quickly tell them what sort of images you expect. This is also the greatest approach to determine if you have picked the perfect wedding photographer!

How Do You Choose the Ideal Beach?

If you are unsure about which beach would be best for your session, speak with your wedding photographer. They would very certainly have already snapped pre-wedding photographs, which will assist you in determining which beach is best for you and your partner. You can also choose a long-distance beach from your house (if you have enough time). It will help you to unwind and spend more time with your companion.

You can also look for the finest beach wedding photography on the internet to acquire a list of the most beautiful beaches.

Tip: If you want to take your wedding photography to the next level, you may set up the decor on the beach, such as a tent with candles or a bonfire, to surprise your spouse. This will undoubtedly provide the most natural smiles.



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Plan a Schedule

If you’ve already decided on a location, you should probably consider the time you’d want to have your photos taken. This is because sufficient and good natural lighting is essential in photography, especially in open spaces. If you want to take bright, clear images, schedule the shoot when the sun isn’t too scorching and there’s plenty of shade with sufficient lighting. The greatest time to shoot is around golden hour.

Many couples also prefer to have their photographs taken around sunrise or dawn. It’s always breathtaking, believe us!

Also, before you finalize the day, time, and place, make sure to check the weather. You don’t want the weather to entirely wreck your pre-wedding photography!.

What to Wear

You don’t have to scratch your head to figure out which outfit would be ideal for your pre-wedding photography. While we understand why it is crucial to choose the best clothing, we have provided a list of attires you can attempt while keeping the concept of beach photography in mind.

1. Stick to the Classics.


When a couple hears a pre-wedding photoshoot, the first thing that comes to mind is them standing and posing in their wedding attire. For the shoot, you can just wear your bridal gown or tux. Don’t be concerned if you don’t go with the background, because this is without a doubt the ideal choice for pre-wedding photography.

2. Casuals are Usually a Good Option.

There is no such rule of going with anything hefty or magnificent for pre-wedding photographs. However, being at ease is important. If you and your spouse feel more comfortable having your pictures shot in casual or beach gear, go ahead and do so since what truly matters is capturing the “genuine moments.” That is only achievable if you and your partner aren’t sweating and fussing with your clothes the entire time. Wearing contrasting colours with your buddy will improve the quality of your photographs even further.

How to Pose

Here comes the real stuff! When asked to pose, many couples get extremely overworked or overwhelmed. They become uneasy and timid when they are photographed. Simply follow your photographer’s lead since no matter how many postures you see online, having it done will be entirely different.

Tip: If you see your spouse is stiff and hesitant, the greatest method to obtain a candid reaction is to crack a joke! That shot would outperform any of the stances.

Making time for your pre-wedding photography may be daunting. However, any couple who has done it before will tell you that it is well worth it. Make sure you choose the best and most affordable wedding photography in town.