This is How You Protect Your Wedding Dress

So, you’re getting married! What an exciting time, there’s lots to organise for a wedding, and one of the biggest decisions is your wedding dress. Your wedding dress will make you feel so special on your day, and a lot of thought and money is invested in this beautiful part of your wedding.

Whether you are making your own dress at home or buying it from a shop, there will be some length of storage time at home, both before and after your wedding.

Post-wedding it is very common to take your wedding dress to a professional cleaner who will clean it and package it with special paper to avoid yellowing. Before this, however, you will want to keep your dress in perfect condition, and particularly free from dust and odours. One of the ways of doing this is with an air purifier, which is very good at removing microscopic particles like dust and pollen from the air, and are also useful at keeping any odours at bay. There are some useful tips here.

Other tips for looking after your wedding dress

Before your big day, your dress will be kept at your home once all the alterations are finished. You will be provided with a bag to store your beautiful dress in, ensure you are storing the garment in a fabric bag, and not a plastic one. Plastic can cause discolouration and can trap smells over time.

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Your dress can be stored either lying flat, or hanging from a hanger, depending on how heavy your dress is. If you are using a hanger, ensure it is a padded hanger made for the purpose, thinner hangers can cause lumps and wrinkles, and could even tear heavy dresses.

Avoid touching your dress! The temptation is to keep looking at the dress, it’s such an exciting feeling to know your dress is ready and waiting, but repeated touching could cause stains. Our hands aren’t always completely clean, and the natural oils on our skin can cause stains, as can watermarks if you haven’t dried your hands properly after washing. The same goes for trying it on, if you absolutely have to do this once the alterations are done, ensure you are clean, and that you don’t have any makeup on that could discolour the gown – and be careful of deodorant stains!

Look after your dress carefully in the run-up to your big day, and it will look absolutely beautiful, as will you. These tips will help you avoid stains, dust accumulations and any unsavoury odours.

Have a wonderful wedding day, try not to stress yourself too much, everything will work out on the day, and you will feel extra special in your immaculately kept gown.