Things you should Discuss with your Videographer before your Wedding

You will want to make sure that your videographer doesn’t miss a thing during your big day. So, to ensure everything goes smoothly, you should discuss with them in-depth what you expect from them long before the event.

Before you hire a videographer, consider researching the different services available. Most experienced wedding videographers will have no problems sharing their portfolio with potential clients, so don’t be afraid to ask to see it. However, it might be worth your while doing some more digging. By speaking to couples who have hired a videographer for their wedding will give you an insight into what to expect. Also, consider reading reviews posted online. A lot of satisfied and dissatisfied customers like to publish their experiences on websites and online forums. When choosing the right service for your big day, don’t hesitate to shop around before deciding on who you are going to get to take on the job.

Although it might be tempting to hire an inexperienced service that charges less, remember that you will want to keep the video for the rest of your life.

1.   Have they worked with your Photographer in the Past?

A lot of videographers will have worked with the same photographers on several occasions in the past. If they enjoy working together, it will make your life a lot easier. Keep in mind that both of them will be working side by side throughout the event, so it is vital that they can work as a team. If they haven’t worked together in the past, you should organize a meeting so both parties can familiarize themselves with one another, and discuss how they are going to go about capturing the wedding. This meeting should be held long before your big day. If they don’t have time to meet each other in person, consider organizing a meeting online or over the phone.

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If you still haven’t organized your photographer, ask the videographer for recommendations. Experienced videographers will know the industry well, so they should have no problems finding a professional photographer that they like working with that will be able to take great photographs of your wedding.

2.   Have they worked in the Venue where your Wedding is being held?

It is important that your videographer understands how to handle your wedding venue. If they haven’t worked there in the past, it might be a good idea for you and the videographer to organize a meeting at the venue, so you can discuss how the day will plan out. If you are looking to hire a wedding tipi or an outdoor marquee, you must explain this with the videographer before the event. They will want to figure out the lighting, where they will set up their equipment, and the best areas where they can capture different stages of the wedding. They will want to know all about the different angles in each room, but if they have worked in the same venue in the past, it will come naturally to them.

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If you are employing a videographer from your local area, and you are having the ceremony or the reception in a venue close by, they will have probably worked there on several occasions in the past. But if you are hiring a service that works far from the location, they might not have the time to inspect the venue. If this is the case, consider taking pictures and videos of the venue and send each one to them by email or through an online messaging service. This way they can prepare without having to go in person to the venue. Also, if you have a wedding planner, or staff members working in the venue helping you with your wedding, you might want to forward the videographer their contact details.

3.   Will they be at any other Events on the same day as your Wedding?

During the pandemic, a lot of weddings were forced to cancel or rearrange their dates due to experts advising us to avoid large gatherings. Since the vaccine rollout, a lot of countries have relaxed their rules and regulations, so there are plenty of folks hoping to get married in 2021 and 2022. Most wedding videographers were hit hard during these unprecedented times, but with life going back to normal, there are weddings happening almost every single day of the week.

It is common for a wedding videographer to shoot more than one wedding in a day, especially nowadays. You will want to know the precise time they will be ready to start recording your event, and what time they will be leaving. In an ideal world, you will want to have the videographer from the very start to the end, but if their schedule doesn’t allow for it, you might have to tell them when the most important parts of the day will be taking place. They should know your weddings’ entire schedule.