Things You Forget When Planning a Wedding

There are so many things to keep track of when planning your wedding. While you’re focused on details like picking out dinnerware or finding the perfect flower arrangements, a few other details could slip your mind and complicate things on your big day. Check out this guide to discover things you forget when planning a wedding so you can stay ahead of things that take brides by surprise.

1. Vendors May Require Tips

While interviewing potential vendors like DJs or catering companies, they’ll give you a quote that includes the price for all of their services. You’ll have to pay a deposit and pay for the rest just before your wedding, but some vendors may expect their staff to receive tips.

Discuss tipping preferences with your vendors to see if you can work them into your final payment or if they want their staff tipped in person. You’ll know exactly how much to estimate for tips so you can rearrange your budget to fit the extra costs.

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2. Event Staff Should Get Meals Too

Your reception caterers need to know what you want for your menu. You’ll have to pick out the dinner entrees, desserts and appetizers for your Reception. Don’t forget to add a few meals for your on-site event staff. They need to eat too!

Include enough food for your photographers, DJs, bartenders and other event staff to eat during their breaks. No one can work through the day without getting a bite to eat, but brides often forget to plan for this because they get swept up in feeding the people on their guest list.

3. Guests Need Places to Park


Guests will have to drive to your venue, even if they’re flying in from out of town. They may not know where to park their cars, so indicate where they can leave their vehicles during their trip. After receiving RSVP cards, remind guests that budget-friendly options include off-site airport parking, free parking at their hotels or on-site parking at your venue. You can also include a map if you think it will make the experience easier for guests navigating a new city.

4. Build Your Website Early


Guests need wedding websites because they often lose their invitations and RSVP cards. Your website should include details like:

  • The date and time of your ceremony
  • Your venue’s location
  • Where you’ve registered for gifts

Build your website before sending your invitations so your guests can find any information they need after seeing the URL on your card. If you’re worried about people finding personal information on the site, like where guests can send gifts or when to show up at your venue, you can always create a website password and only include it on your invitations.

5. Request Food Allergies


Your caterers will need food allergen information in the months before your wedding. Ask your guests to RSVP and indicate any food allergies on the same card. The information will help you craft the perfect menu and give your catering teams time to find all the ingredients they need to make your meals and desserts delicious for all of your guests.

Remember These Things While Wedding Planning

These are a few things you may forget when planning a wedding, but they’ll complicate your big day if you don’t sort them out early. Create a website, indicate parking information and request food allergies on your RSVP cards to get ahead of everyone’s needs and enjoy your wedding day without any extra stress.