The Ultimate Guide to Planning a Micro Wedding

Micro weddings used to be a backup plan for brides, but many people now prefer them over traditional ceremonies. There are many benefits to renting a smaller venue and inviting a select group of people, but how does the planning change? You’ve discovered the Ultimate Guide to Planning a Micro Wedding, so check out the best ways to organise a dreamy day without an extensive budget or schedule.

1. Figure Out Your Wedding Date

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Setting your wedding date in stone is the first step to planning a micro wedding or a ceremony of any size. You’ll need the date to reserve your venue and book any vendors. Your guests will also need to know when they should book their plane tickets and hotel rooms. If you’re unsure when you want to get married, narrow down the dates by thinking about your favourite season or which numerals resonate with your relationship.

2. Determine Your Maximum Budget

The most significant benefit to planning a micro wedding is working with a smaller budget. You won’t have to pay exorbitant fees to feed fewer people or rent a tiny venue. Determine your maximum budget for things like your catering, seating rentals and how much room you’ll need to include everyone.

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Once you know how much you can spend on the essential parts of your wedding, you can allocate more funding for other things. Have fun putting money aside for your dress or an elaborate cake. You’ll have more financial freedom because the bare bones of your ceremony will cost much less.

3. Pick Your Dream Venue

Once you know how many guests will attend your wedding, you can pick your dream venue. Mirco ceremonies open more possibilities, like renting a house on Airbnb or a small historic property. You’ll spend less money on catering and vendors because your guest list is minimal, so divert that extra cash and book a great venue.

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As you browse local options or properties in your dream location, see if they come with seating supplies or altar decor. Some venues also require brides to pull local wedding permits for things like beachfront ceremonies. The venue coordinator may or may not take care of these details, so double-check on perks and requirements for each potential venue.

4. Pick Your Wedding Traditions


You may not have enough guests to include every wedding tradition you have in mind. Brides need a sizable guest list to include traditions like an extensive reception exit or even a bridal party. While starting your wedding planning process, consider which traditions you prefer to narrow down which are most important to you and which options don’t require a bigger wedding.

5. Limit Your Guest List

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There are a few ways to limit the guestlist for a micro wedding. Many brides decide to host an adults-only ceremony. Requesting that kids stay at home will shrink your party size and reduce how much you need to spend on catering or your venue. You can also restrict who’s allowed to bring a friend. Remember, this is your big day — you don’t have to allow everyone to crash your ceremony if you want a micro wedding.

6. Plan a Rehearsal Dinner

If you’re worried about feeling like you’re missing out on something because your wedding is smaller than others, plan a rehearsal dinner. You can make it a bigger party if you only invite your closest family members and friends. After walking through your ceremony, the dinner is an opportunity to mingle and make memories by stretching out your wedding experience. Host it at your venue or rent a private dining room at a local restaurant so it makes your wedding extra special.

7. Consider Your Dress Code


Will your wedding be formal or casual? Your decision will inform your dress code. Micro weddings are often more relaxed because they’re smaller events. Your invitation could indicate whether your guests should show up in formal wear to your fancy venue or dress in something simple because the ceremony will happen in your backyard. It depends on how you want your wedding to feel, no matter how many guests you invite.

Enjoy Planning Your Micro Wedding

Now that you’ve read the ultimate guide to planning a micro wedding, have fun exploring all of your options. You can pick an intimate venue, invite your closest loved ones and choose which ceremonies you’ll include because smaller guest lists give brides more freedom to create their big day.