The Ultimate Guide To Buying Moissanite Wedding Rings

Wedding rings are important elements of your marriage. These promise rings will symbolise your life together as a couple, and you want them to last a lifetime, just like your relationship. For modern couples, one of the best attractive options is to go for moissanite rings.

Many women prefer a sparkle for their chosen gemstone in their wedding rings. Fortunately, moissanite is more than capable of giving you that shine that radiates from these man-made stones. If you’re looking for that diamond-like appearance without the hefty price tags, get ready to be dazzled by moissanite’s natural charm and allure.

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Here’s a guide you can use for your moissanite wedding ring shopping.

1. Buy From Reputable Stores

With the rising trend for moissanite these days, there won’t be a shortage of reputable stores that carry them. However, if you want value for your money, the best quality moissanite rings, and good customer service, you need to put more effort into finding the best reputable jewellery store. Whether you’re looking for conventional designs, pink moissanite rings, or unique moissanite wedding rings, you need to approach the best retailer out there.


Your options will be limited if you search in physical stores, so it’s best to take your search online. Moissanite jewellery can be found in numerous specialist stores that specialise in working with the gem. You can get the best purchasing experience by speaking with their staff, who can give you advice and suggestions.

2. Choose The Carat

The moissanite gemstone weighs approximately 15% less than diamonds of the same size. Because of this difference, you’ll notice that diamond and moissanite rings may be of the same carat but may look different from each other. Unlike diamonds, moissanite is measured by size instead of carat weight. This means that a moissanite weighing one carat would therefore be larger than a diamond of the same weight.

There is a wide range of sizes to choose from, with increments of 0.5mm. The popular carats range from 6mm to 12mm. To help people understand how moissanite compares to diamonds, it is often described as having diamond equivalent weight or DEW.

3. Pick Out The Best Cut

Just like diamonds, moissanite can be cut into any shape you like. To name a few, these include the brilliant round cut, pear cut, cushion cut, princess cut, emerald cut, and marquise cut. Moissanite stones sparkle when faceted but show depth and a calm brilliance when shaped into step cuts, like an emerald or baguette cut. Regardless of the cut you choose, sporting a good moissanite wedding ring will contribute to making you look your best at your wedding.

These man-made gems can be customised to any shape and cut you wish. But if you want to maximise the sparkling quality, you can go for the traditional cone-shaped cut with a rounded top. The 58 facets make this cut ideal for brilliance, fire, and sparkle since it allows maximum light reflection.

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4. Set A Budget

Moissanite is an indistinguishable gemstone that is both durable and brilliant but costs a fraction of the price of diamonds. This is a perfect choice if you want an affordable yet luxurious stone. Much like purchasing any other jewellery, it’s good advice to set a budget.

Similar to diamond rings, the price of moissanite rings depends on the size and quality of the stones. Even if lab-produced diamonds cost less than natural diamonds, moissanite jewellery is still much cheaper. You can expect the price range to go from AUD$200 to AUD$1000.

5. Understand Its Brilliance

Brilliant gems reflect light, giving them their sparkling appearance. Diamonds and moissanite reflect light differently due to their different faceting patterns. In gemstones, fire is how light is broken down into spectral colours. Moissanite gemstones bend and refract light, emitting even more fire when one ray passes through them. In contrast, diamonds experience only single refraction. Moissanite’s rainbow reflections will appeal to some, while others will prefer the radiance of diamonds. But understanding the brilliance of moissanite will make you love them more.

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6. Choose From Three Different Colour Grades

The colour grade of moissanite can be divided into three types. A yellowish-green stone was the first moissanite produced when technology had only advanced to that point. This was the first release of moissanite, and it’s been coined as the classic moissanite gem. However, over the years, gemologists  were able to come up with more grade types. Some scientists even claim it to be harder than a diamond.

There are now colourless and near-colourless moissanite options. Moissanite that is colourless looks like an E-coloured diamond, while near-colourless moissanite looks like an H-coloured diamond. Any of these three grades is the perfect wedding ring option for you and your partner.


Choosing moissanite for your wedding ring is an attractive choice with many benefits. In contrast to what some people may think, this gemstone actually lasts a long time. Their life span makes them ideal as heirlooms as well. You and your partner should take advantage of these gemstones because of their diverse cut offerings, brilliance, reasonable prices, and more.