The Practical Benefits of a Golf Course Wedding

Are you walking down the aisle soon? Why not exchange vows on the links?

Getting married is arguably one of the best moments of your life, so it should be anything but mediocre. Of course, you want to have the best of everything—a head-turning wedding dress, well-designed reception, catering services, stunning invitations, and most importantly, an excellent venue that can accommodate your guests.

A golf course wedding may not have crossed your mind before, but it’s definitely worth considering, especially if you want to save some stress from planning your big day.

Golf weddings have been a growing trend as more and more couples start to see the value of exchanging vows on the links. Here, we’re rounding up the practical benefits you can reap from hosting your big day on a golf course. We hope you’ll give it considerable thought because it’s something you and your soon-to-be lifetime partner will surely be interested in.

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One-Stop Location for Your Wedding Needs

One of the excellent benefits of hosting your wedding day on the golf course is convenience. While you may only see a golf club as a private reception venue, it can be the perfect destination to say your “I do’s,” too. Hosting your wedding ceremony and reception is made easier for you, your wedding planning, and your guests for many reasons.

  • You and your partner’s belongings don’t need to be transported anywhere
  • You and your guests will save transportation costs between venues
  • You only have to coordinate with one wedding staff

Professional Staff

In connection to working with only one wedding staff, another advantage of conducting a golf course wedding is having an instant wedding staff to work with. In a golf club, you can coordinate with professional catering services, bartenders, wedding planners, and other experts willing to take the stress out of planning from you! Of course, you still have the choice to hire different professionals for your wedding, but isn’t it more efficient to employ experienced professionals who have exceptional experience working in a golf club?

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Now, say goodbye to sleepless nights of scouring the internet for the best photographers, catering services, and event stylists because the golf club staff has pretty got much everything you need! Golf club staff members all received professional training, so you can leave everything on their hands and expect nothing but the best from them.

Beautiful Scenery

Imagine this: you’re descending the aisle in your wedding dress that transcends adjectives, with towering trees, mountain silhouettes, and even the ocean as your backdrop. And after the ceremony, you and your guests will dine under a canopy of bistro lights or spacious ballrooms under extravagant lights and chandeliers.

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Dreamy, isn’t it? Let your dream wedding come to life in a golf club, where you’re bound to get the best of nature’s wonders. The well-manicured greens of a golf course offer a spectacular aisle, no matter the season. Golf courses also come with plenty of greenery, still ponds, tall trees, and dramatic sunset. But should you want an indoor setting, golf clubs come with an event room with pristine ballrooms, panoramic views of the outdoors, and lush decorative details. You’re bound to win no matter your choice.

Can Accommodate Many Guests

Golf clubs are designed to accommodate large groups of guests. Having sprawling grounds and wide event ballrooms, there’s plenty of space for you and your guests to have fun. So if you’re planning an elegant wedding venue where guests can never get bored, then the golf course is the place to be.

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Some golf clubs come with exclusive hotels, so your guests can stay there a few days before your big day. You can also invite your closest family over fun rounds on the course before you and your partner exchange vows. Enjoy hitting some golf balls over the course, reminisce about fun moments together, and after a round of golf, everyone can enjoy a scrumptious dinner together.

Less Pre-Wedding Stress

Putting together a successful wedding comes with a lengthy checklist and seemingly never-ending tasks to fulfil. While most brides-to-be want to be involved in every step of the planning stage, no one wants the stress it entails! By deciding to conduct your wedding ceremony and reception at a golf course, you’ll avoid unnecessary wedding planning stress, knowing that a team of professional event planners is doing the hustle for you. Finally, you won’t have to worry about extensive planning since many significant decisions will be made for you. Knowing that trusted, professional people are handling your wedding, you can rest easy and shift your focus on basking in the engagement glow before becoming a married woman!

Value for Money

Come to think of it—there’s so much more to wedding preparation than planning the wedding ceremony itself. There’s rehearsal dinner, bachelor and bachelorette parties, bridal showers, and family parties. These are various events that will need their corresponding venues. But you can choose to simplify your planning process and save yourself a headache by hosting all wedding-related events at the same place.

For instance, for your partner’s bachelor party, he and his friends can wear their best golf shirts, bring their golf clubs, and play a few rounds of golf. Meanwhile, you and your girlfriends can take the day to relax and unwind at the golf club’s spa!

While every golf club has its own rules, many venues are willing to offer discounts to couples who want to host several events onsite. This way, you won’t have to book many venues for your wedding-related events.

Hassle-Free Parking

Parking issues may not be on the top of your list to worry about. Still, it’s something to consider, especially if you’re having large groups of guests coming over. Hosting your wedding on a golf course will take out the hassle of parking from your guests, plus many golf clubs offer valet services.


Hosting your wedding ceremony and reception in a golf course offers many benefits you wouldn’t usually find in other venues. Whether you’re looking for a golf course with an exclusive five-star hotel or a beachside course with coastal views, you’ll find your perfect golf wedding location in Australia. There are many golf courses across the country to choose from, so go ahead and scour the internet for the best golf wedding venues today! Happy planning!

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