The No-Fail Secret to Writing Wedding Vows

With your special day approaching it is perfectly normal to feel nervous and not know what to include in your wedding vows. All the time you spent with your loved one will need to fit into a set amount of words and that will most likely seem to be impossible.

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Before you get started, you should know a few things about writing the perfect wedding vows which will help you fight the writer’s block and help to create a beautiful and meaningful ceremony.

Go through old pictures of the two of you


Your wedding vows should include some of your favourite moments with your partner. You should be able to recall some beautiful moments you lived together and put your emotions into words in order to let everyone know how you feel about each other.


Looking at some of your favourite photographs will help you relive these moments and allow you to write your vows with strong emotions. It will be a lot easier for you to express yourself on paper if you have something personal to look at and it will make the experience a lot more fun and meaningful, as it will remind you exactly why you love your future spouse so much.

Read plenty of vow examples

Even if you just wish to get started on writing your wedding vows as soon as possible, you should keep in mind that this is something you don’t want to rush and finish overnight. Expressing the way you feel for your significant other might be a lot more difficult than you think and you should make sure that you include all the things you wish to let them know in your vows.

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A good place to start; traditional vows people use in certain religions. If you and your partner share the same religion, or even if you wish to show them your respect for theirs, you can always go through some vows which will help you show them your support and love for their beliefs.

If you’re not a religious couple, you can always just take inspiration from other vows you will come across online and shape them to fit your own experiences and emotions. Getting an idea of how others write their vows will help you understand where to start and help you put your thoughts into a logical order


If you wish to make sure that the final result is well-written and ready to be read to your loved one, TrustMyPaper is a very helpful writing service which will help you create the wedding vows of your dreams.

Include a promise to your loved one

Wedding vows can be pretty generic if they just include memories and words of love for the person you are getting married to. One of the things you can include to make your wedding vows stand out is a promise to your partner.

This promise can be anything from taking care of them when they need you, to anything that could even be considered an inside joke between the two of you, such as a promise to always take out the trash for them. No matter the significance of the promise you make them, it will still be a sweet gesture which will either make your partner and guests laugh or cause some tears to fall from both sides.


After a few years, you may look back at the vows you made to one another. It will be beautiful and very romantic to see that you managed to keep the promise you made to your loved one, no matter how small it was.

Relationships work on trust and giving your partner a promise which you intend to keep will help you spark emotions from their side and make this day extra special for both of you.

Be real and express your emotions

On your wedding day, nobody will judge you for being too emotional or showing how much you love the person you are marrying. Being real and expressing yourself through your wedding vows is exactly what will make your day extra special for the person you love.


The no-fail secret is a mixture of you taking your time to write your vows, including moments and emotions which mean a lot to the both of you and putting your emotions into words as best as you can. At the end of the day, your future spouse will enjoy hearing you say how much your relationship means to you and how much you wish to spend the rest of your lives together.