The Joys of Getting Married in Your Golden Years

Believe it or not, getting married when you’re older isn’t actually much different from getting married when you’re young, except for the fact that you might be a bit wiser in this journey called life. Here are some more reasons why married life can be just as joyous in your golden years, courtesy of Circle of Love.

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Finding the Right Property

Finding the right property just for two could also be quite an eye-opening experience. For example, it’ll probably need to be quite a bit smaller than you’re used to because you won’t be needing as much space. Moreover, it might have to be simpler and more accessible too, which would make life easier if you are spared the hassle of climbing up and down a flight of stairs on a daily basis, for example.

In addition to your home being more practical overall, affordability might also be a factor when it comes to choosing a suitable home for both of you. If so, there are plenty of affordable housing options to choose from, ranging from micro-units to mobile homes to tiny houses to name a few.

You might even find it beneficial to consider renting instead of buying. Renting can offer greater flexibility and freedom without the financial and maintenance responsibilities of owning a home. Additionally, it allows for the opportunity to try out different neighbourhoods and living arrangements before committing to a long-term investment. Renting can also provide access to amenities and services that may be more difficult or expensive to access with a home purchase.

Making Your Home Suitable for Both of You

Of course, you’ll also have to look at ways of combining two styles into one. Again, this can be a challenge if your preferences are on opposite sides of the spectrum — but not impossible if you have the right help by your side. For example, an interior decorator could help with creating a seamless look throughout your home. Or you could try doing some simple home DIY projects yourselves to get a feel for what looks best.

Better yet, it could end up being the ideal side project for the both of you to get into and could be a great way to spend extra quality time together as you ease into what married life means together.

Blending lives can be super challenging at any age, but more so if you’ve already downsized for your senior years and are tight on space. One way to alleviate some stress is to add storage solutions like built-in cabinetry. Look to underused spaces, like under a stairwell or in your laundry area, where you could take advantage of square footage that is going to waste. For this type of project, contacting specialist cabinet makers is a smart idea.

Sorting Out the Applicable Paperwork

Sorting out all the applicable paperwork is also something that needs to be done — preferably as soon as possible. Here you’ll want to concentrate on updating your tax information and your insurance policies. Also, you might also want to look into getting better homeowners insurance and health care coverage.

Planning for the Future

Certainly, you’ll want to start planning for the future in every possible way, starting with your budget. But, if budgeting hasn’t always been your strong suit — especially when it comes to planning a budget together, then there are tools available to help you when it comes to planning your finances together.

You’ll also want to settle your plans for living arrangements when living in your home becomes impractical. Many senior living communities offer you a vibrant neighbourhood with local amenities for continuing care.

Speaking of looking towards the future, just as you’re never too old to get married, you’re also never too old to pursue other dreams, as well. Have you always wanted to go back to school? What about starting your own business? For the latter, there are many options for side hustles to earn extra income.

Think about what business you would have fun doing together and that you believe will be successful. There are plenty of options from handmade crafts to tutoring or even starting a food truck! Choose something that you both enjoy and see where it leads you!

Enjoy Finding Your New Normal Together

Navigating life and marriage as an older couple could very well end up being the start of something wonderful because you’ll have more experience in life, not to mention better insights regarding what you’ll need to truly live your best lives — together. This could also be a great opportunity to pursue any other dreams you’ve been sidelining for far too long, like buying a new home or starting your own business!

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