The Importance of Good Planning for your Honeymoon

Honeymoon Checklist:

Getting married is one of the most special days of your life, and is something that is unique to everyone. Some people prefer a small ceremony and reception afterwards, while others prefer a much more lavish event. In some cultures, the wedding can last for many days, and there are often very specific elements to the ceremony depending on where in the world it is happening.

One very important aspect of getting married for many people is the honeymoon. Weddings can often be very stressful and worrying events, which may have taken many months of careful planning and arrangement. One way to relieve all of that stress that may have built up is by enjoying a relaxing, romantic and stress-free honeymoon.

The Honeymoon

Some couples will take off for the honeymoon right after the wedding reception, while other people may delay it for a few months or even a year if they have other commitments. Some couples may take a short honeymoon consisting of a few days somewhere romantic like Paris, while others may take several weeks, enjoying relaxing moments on the beach somewhere tropical.

Whatever your preferred type of honeymoon, there are a number of things that you can do that can make it as enjoyable as possible, without any stress or worries.

The best way to do this is through a honeymoon checklist. Though it sounds silly to many people, it’s actually a very effective way to make sure that you have everything you might need, as well as having arranged all accommodation and transport.

In this article, we will take a look at some of the most important things that you should be including on your honeymoon checklist so that you too can enjoy that well-deserved break with your partner.

Your Honeymoon Checklist

A honeymoon checklist isn’t the same as your usual task or to-do list, and there are various sections that it can be broken down into, to make it much easier to organize and manage. It doesn’t matter if you are spending a couple of nights in an Airbnb in Paris or a luxury 5 Star hotel in the tropics, good planning can go a long way.

Below we will take a look at the various sections that you can use for your checklist and the most important elements that make up each one.

The Essentials

This should be at the top of your checklist and should include all the important things that you need to have arranged or to take with you. First and foremost, if you are travelling abroad, are your passports or identity card. Without these, you won’t be going anywhere.

Likewise, if you are flying overseas unless you have your tickets or at least a reference to your booking, your honeymoon might end up consisting of a short journey to and from the airport. Money and credit cards are also going to be vital, so make sure those are all inside your wallet or purse.

If travelling overseas, make sure that you have all the necessary visas that you might need. If you plan on renting a vehicle to travel about with, you’ll need your driving license. Also important are any bookings or reservations you have made for your accommodation, restaurant or any tours or other excursions or events that you have planned.

For all printed matters much as air tickets, car rental and hotel bookings, it’s a good idea to make copies to have with you just in case something happens with the original. Also, take a couple of photos of each piece of documentation with your phone, so you’ll always have it handy if you are out and about somewhere.

Finally, if you are on any medication, make sure that you have that safely packed, and remember to keep it in the original bottle or container that it came with. Condoms or any birth control that you may be using is also going to be important, so don’t forget to pack those either.

Clothing and Other Basics

Depending on what you are planning on doing during your honeymoon, you’ll want to make sure that you have enough adequate clothing to keep you going. The last thing you’ll want to be worrying about during your honeymoon is getting any laundry done. If you are planning on hitting the beach on the Sunshine Coast, or laying around the swimming pool, don’t forget to pack your swimming costumes, and also a couple of beach towels.

Practical footwear is essential, and you don’t want to find yourself off hiking somewhere wearing high heels or flip flops. Make sure that you take the necessary footwear for what you are planning on doing.

As you will most likely want to be eating out, take a few nice formal types of clothing, as well as a casual selection for the more relaxed moments. Extra socks and underwear is also a good idea, and even if they are not used, they are small and light enough to not make a real difference to the weight of your suitcases.

You should also take with you a selection of the basics for the bathroom such as toothpaste and brushes, deodorant, razors, cosmetics and any other basics that you use on a daily basis. These are essential if you have to use any special types of creams or toothpaste, as you might not be able to find your specific brand locally.

Bring Along or Buy There?

There are a number of items that you may be in two minds about when packing for a honeymoon or holiday. Things such as aspirin or antacid pills may be things you can pick up anywhere, but they are always worth taking with you and avoid the hassle of searching for them when needed.

Other things that are best to bring along with you include sun cream, insect repellent, tampons or sanitary products and antihistamines, just in case you suffer from an allergic reaction to something.

Some Final Thoughts

A honeymoon is supposed to be a period where you should simply enjoy and live the moment, without worrying about anything. You’ve just or recently married, the love of your life, and your honeymoon should be all about spending time with your love and having one of the most special, unique and romantic moments of your lives.